The First Historic SpaceX Crewed Launch to Space Gets Delayed

Source: The First Historic SpaceX Crewed Launch to Space Gets Delayed

SpaceX postponed its first-ever test flight with a crewed mission to the International Space Station. The company of Elon Musk, SpaceX took the decision just before 17 minutes of the planned launch of the crewed mission. The crewed mission was scheduled to be launched from the Kennedy Space Center of Florida. But, SpaceX and NASA announced that they have to postpone their decision due to the bad weather. The Launch Director of SpaceX, Mike Taylor, while informing about the postponement of the mission said that they tried everything but looking at the bad weather conditions they were compelled to postpone it.

Meanwhile, SpaceX and NASA have decided that they will try again to launch the mission on Sunday. The company and NASA have planned to launch its crewed mission Demo-2 after checking all weather conditions. The people can watch the launch mission live telecast when the liftoff takes place. The crewed mission also known as Demo-2 will send two astronauts of NASA Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken to the International Space Station from Florida based space centre.

Meanwhile, the company talked about the problems that occurred during the launch. SpaceX and NASA said that the biggest problem for both were clouds and that was electrified. These clouds surrounded the whole area of Cape Canaveral based in Florida. The company has planned to launch the Falcon 9 rocket from this specific but presence of electrified clouds made it almost impossible. If the launched rocket comes in contact with lightning, it can strike the rocket launching vehicle. It can ultimately harm the crewed mission while damaging the vehicle. If SpaceX and NASA successfully launch the mission, then it will become a milestone not only for the USA but also for SpaceX. It will break the drought of nine years when NASA first launched its crewed mission in the year 2011.

SpaceX is the space company of Elon Musk which has made history in regards to space travel being funded privately. However, the company has postponed its crewed mission and is looking to launch it on Saturday if weather conditions will be alright. But the people are very much excited to see the live telecast of the launching of this mission. Both the companies have made every arrangement to make the people see the live telecast of the launching of this mission. However, people will not be allowed to gather in large crowds anywhere in Florida.  The company and NASA have requested the people to stay at their home and see the live telecast through their TV screens and other devices. The company has instructed the people that gathering in large numbers can pose a threat to the health of people.

Meanwhile, both NASA and SpaceX are monitoring the weather conditions closely so they can launch the mission successfully this time. Even though the company is closely monitoring the weather conditions, still they have made all arrangements if some emergency occurs. In case of any emergency, the emergency landing of the capsule has been planned to protect it from any damage.

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