Sbcglobal not Working with Outlook

How to fix the SBCGlobal stopped working with Outlook fault?

SBCGlobal works perfectly with Outlook, but a few times it might show an error, which may have caused due to several reasons. Many times, SBCGlobal email users face trouble while using Outlook and they get worried about it. However, SBCGlobal may not work with Outlook due to some simple reasons that are easily manageable. Therefore, for learning the techniques to fix SBCGlobal not working with Outlook fault, kindly go through the data given below.

Check Antivirus

  • At first, check your antivirus as it might be interfering with other programs like Outlook
  • If you are certain that antivirus is preventing SBCGlobal to work with Outlook, then disable it or uninstall

Configure SBCGlobal properly

  • When you haven’t configured SBCGlobal email with Outlook appropriately it might cause the issue
  • Therefore, you have to ensure that configuration of SBCGlobal email server on Outlook is perfect
  • Check that you have provided right IMAP and POP3 details as well as correct account credentials
  • You can also use IMAP server instead of POP3 as it is more advanced

This method can help you for Sbcglobal not working or else follow the next one.

Re-add SBCGlobal profile

  • At first go to the Outlook account settings
  • Then move to Manage profiles section and tap on show profiles tab
  • Next choose your SBCGlobal email and tap on remove button
  • Then you have to navigate towards add-account tab on Outlook again
  • Next select the manual set up options and enter all the required server details
  • Then retry to access SBCGlobal email on Outlook platform

Use safe mode

  • Hit the windows and R key at the same time
  • Next type Outlook/safe in run box and hit enter
  • Then tap OK on the next window to finally open Outlook on safe mode


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