Get feasible solutions to avoid Yahoo mail problems in Chrome

We have encountered many users who type incorrect username and password in a hurry and then complain that they cannot log in to their Yahoo account. But, there are cases when they have to face real trouble. It can happen when Yahoo stops working in Chrome due to some technical glitch.

The issue of Yahoo mail not working on Chrome can be resolved by taking some steps that we are listing below. These steps will help the users in resolving the issue. You can also connect with a team of experts to get their help. For now, you can see the steps.

Fixing the sign-in issue of Yahoo:

  • Check the server of yahoo:

If yahoo is down, then nobody will be able to sign in to the Yahoo account, and you have to wait for the server. You can check the status by going in a down detector and keep checking until the status changes.

  • Confirm that you are typing the correct password:

If you are filling in the password manually each time you sign in, you can be making mistakes. To avoid this, you can click on the eye-shaped icon and confirm if you are typing the correct password.

  • Check the Caps Lock:

The password of Yahoo is case sensitive. So, if the caps lock will be on, you won’t be able to type in your correct password. You have to turn it off and then try filling in the password again.

  • Resetting of the password:

If you have tried everything and nothing is working, then you can go for resetting the password for your Yahoo account. You can reset your password and set a new password by clicking on the new password.

These steps will resolve the issue of Yahoo mail problems. For more queries, you can contact the customer support team.


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