How to Change PayPal Password on App

How to change PayPal password on the app

Want to protect your PayPal account by changing your password but have forgotten the process? Then you shall not panic. In this article, we are here to help you with the latest steps to change the PayPal password on Application.

Steps to Change PayPal Password on Application! 

Unlock your device and head over to the PayPal application from the home screen and tap on it.

If you have not logged into the account then you need to enter username and current password in the sign-in page that gets displayed in front of you.

Moving further, when you enter into the account then head over to the name from the top-left corner and tap on the “Settings” option.

From the various settings options, you need to choose the “Manage my Account” option.

A new screen gets displayed in front of you where you are required to choose the “Privacy and Security” option and find the “Change Password” option.

Now in the next step, you are required to enter your current password in the first box. And in the second box, you are asked to create a new password.

Moving on, to confirm the password, enter the same in the third box and tap “OK”.

Close all the tabs and log into the account once again with the new password.

And with the help of the above steps, you can easily proceed with PayPal change password without hesitation. At the same time, you also protect your account with the increased cyber crimes off lately. However, if anyone unable to understand the steps above is free to get in touch with the customer support of PayPal.

Reaching Out On PayPal Customer Support! 

 The users who are facing issues with their PayPal account password or account as a whole shall not panic. They are free to get in touch with the customer support of the account.


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