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What are the ways of fixing the issue of Antivirus? Also, explain the ways of reaching the customer care experts of Antivirus.

With an increasing number of cyber-crimes, it is necessary to get Antivirus installed on our computers. Running Antivirus in your system will prevent the system of the users from protecting their data, and you can entirely rely on this. Well, some of the users face the issue of Antivirus in their system.

In this case, you can call on the Antivirus tech support to get assistance from the executives. They will seek aid from them. However, you can go for the troubleshooting steps that we have mentioned below. These steps will fix the issue of Antivirus, but in case you are unable to fix it, you can reach the customer support.

Needful steps to be taken:

Fixing the issue of corrupted file:

  • You can download the Norton fix by visiting the official site and spare the downloaded record at the work area.
  • You have to double-tap on the downloaded document to fix the mixed records.
  • Acknowledge the permit understanding, and fix the device will begin to work directly.
  • You have to restart the PC, and you can perform the restart of the activity, and the Antivirus will begin working.

Avoid the issue of the black screen:

  • You need to choose the icon of Antivirus from the taskbar and launch the user interface.
  • Under the settings tab, you need to navigate to the general section.
  • You have to jump to the exclusion option and click on add and following the address, and then you can restart the computer.

Ways to reach the customer support of Antivirus:

Calling on the helpline number:

The users of Antivirus can call on the Antivirus customer care service phone number to seek their help. They will not be charged with any additional charges for this. Also, they are knowledgeable enough to explain all the steps to the users in case they need their assistance.

Chatting the live agents:

The users can also chat with the live agents available online. You can go to the official website of Antivirus and then you can chat with the executives. They will resolve all your queries in case you are not able to contact them on call.

These are the ways of getting on Antivirus tech support, and you can do this by reaching the executives. The troubleshooting though, is quite easy to take, but not everybody can get the resolution. For this, the customer support will help.


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