Printer not printing colors correctly | How to fix

Check out the detailed information on how printing not printing correct color issue

In the past few years, printers have become one of the popular devices that are known for offering its users with the finest quality printing and scanning services. However, lately, there are a few users who have reported issues with the device like printing color problems. Fortunately, this issue is pretty common in most of the printing devices and can be resolved in time by using some basic troubleshooting solutions or by reaching out to the printer repair support. 

Resolving printer unable to print correct color issue

For the users who are looking for the information on how to resolve printer not printing colors correctly, here are some of the effective solutions listed down for the users that one can try out to quickly fix this issue in time. 

1. Try cleaning the printheads

For cleaning the printheads, the user is required to follow the provided instructions: 

  • For cleaning the printheads, the user is required to press and hold on to the power button and press the Resume button 6 times at the same time. 
  • Further, release the power button and the printer will start cleaning the printheads with a mild wash. 
  • After that, check the printing quality and if the issue persists, then perform the above-mentioned steps again and check the print quality.

2. Check the cartridges

Further, to resolve printer not printing colors correctly issue, it is suggested that the user check whether the cartridge is installed properly. And in case of faulty cartridges and running out of ink problems, the user is suggested to change the cartridge and check if the issue is resolved or not. 

3. Verify printer settings

  • Click on the Start menu and opt for the Settings option. 
  • Then, click on the devices option and right-click to view the properties. 
  • Now, look for the printing preferences option and select paper quality with a color printing option.
  • Further, click on OK and exit button. 

Thus, these are the few solutions that one can try to resolve printer not printing colors correctly problem. If the issue persists, then the user can feel free to contact the printer support to seek the required help and resolve all the printing issues in time. 



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