EA Responds to Fans Concerns on Madden NFL 21 Franchise Mode

After facing a lot of criticism on social media, finally, EA Tiburon has shown their concern regarding Madden NFL 21 Mode. The following conflict started two weeks back when the Madden NFL 21 trailer was released. Gamers found a lot of issues in the game through the following trailer, and thus they reported about it to EA on their social media. However, gamers and critics in large horde all together start teasing EA instead of complaining with FixMaddenFranchise#.

Although the gamers called it their way of asking for a better game, in reality, it is a sort of social media lynching. Despite that horrible act, the executive producer of Madden NFL came out through the official Twitter handle of Madden NFL 21. He shared a video message in which he stated that his name is Seann Graddy and he is the executive producer of Madden NFL. He added that he is here on behalf of the whole team of Madden NFL and he, along with the entire team, are saying that they have understood the gamers frustration regarding the Madden NFL trailers.

He added that all of the concerns of the gamers were shown in numerous numbers over Twitter, and they are extremely happy that millions of gamers are avid fans of Madden NFL. He also added that their entire team is appreciating the dedication of the gamers that they all came forward to complain.

He said the entire team is reading all the feedback and soon they all will be fixed. He also added that at this point of time, he could not share details over social media, but he said their entire team is working only on these issues nowadays, and soon the gamers will be introduced to a much better Madden NFL 21. Mr. Graddy also added that due to the pandemic their team is working from home and it is the major reason why working on these issues are taking a lot of time from usual days. At last, he added Thank you again to all the gamers who have shown their concern regarding issues in Madden NFL 21 and their team are willing to accept more feedback.

The sport genre games are always lacking success due because they needed an audience interested in large gaming. Thus, it is the major reason why the Madden NFL franchise always went a bit short of reaching success. Now, after showing off millions of users over Twitter for complaining ‘s beta version. We all are now pretty sure that the game will probably be going to do some miracle this time. However, the release date of Madden NFL 21 hasn’t been announced yet, but it is rumoured to arrive in the forthcoming August. Till then, let us all wait to see what changes EA Tiburon will make to Madden NFL 21 and how gamers will greet it.

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