Stand-apart Features Worth Considering During Zoom Clone App Development

The COVID-19 has fueled the growth of remote working apps. Several organizations are adapting to the ‘new’ normal conditions, which involves establishing a virtual connection between employees and employers. Remote working tools like video-conferencing apps, file sharing apps, instant messaging apps, etc., have all surged amid the pandemic situation. If there is one application that has gained immense popularity among the people, it is inevitably the Zoom app.

Zoom, which had 10 million users by the end of December 2019, witnessed an exponential growth of 300 million users by the end of April 2020. The success of Zoom has pushed entrepreneurs to invest in a Zoom Clone app development. Let’s discuss some of the unique features worth-integrating in a Zoom Clone app here,

Virtual backgrounds: With the aid of this feature, users can change their background settings while attending meetings or webinars. This not only ensures privacy but also makes the users more presentable.

Q&A session: A two-way communication flow is vital to make the presentations or meetings more lively. Hence, users can raise questions and let other users answer them without any hassle.

Virtual hand-raising: A clumsy environment is one where multiple people talk simultaneously. To enhance communication among users in a meeting, users can avail of the hand-raising feature if they wish to voice their opinions.

Record sessions: The host of the session must be able to record meetings and store them securely. By doing so, even participants who failed to attend the meeting can access them in the future.

Note-taking: It is quite challenging for participants to attend webinars and take notes parallelly. Hence, to provide ease-of-use, a note-taking feature can come in handy. This way, participants can attend sessions and take notes seamlessly.

It is the features that can make all the difference in a video-conferencing app. Features interact with users and enhance their app experience substantially. Reach out to an app development company, integrate these cutting-edge features, and launch your video-conferencing app like Zoom right away!


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Written by Angelina Jo


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