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What was used to be the age of “Images” all over the Internet world has now transformed into the age of “videos”. Since the majority of Internet users prefer consuming video content, the demand for videos is huge! With increasing demand, many businesses can be seen producing different types of video content to meet their target audience. One primary form of producing video content is “live streaming”, which allows the users to broadcast live streams over the Internet. Nowadays, online live streaming apps attract users from a myriad of industries starting from eCommerce to eGaming to various businesses.

Wait what? Have you ever thought of building your live streaming application? If yes, read on…

Why create a live streaming app?

In simple, live streaming is live broadcasting that appears on users’ devices in real-time. Not only live streaming is popular among gamers, but also in different spheres! For businesses, these live streams could play a major role in promoting their brands as the majority of the people prefer watching a video rather than reading a blog!

Before start developing your online live streaming app, remember that, do not confuse live streaming with video streaming! Live streaming is broadcasting of live streams from device to device in real-time whereas, in video streaming, the videos are already uploaded by the users so they can watch them anytime.

As the number of people watching live streams is increasing, live streaming apps are becoming popular day-by-day. This popularity of live streaming is associated with the users’ ability to access better smartphones and internet connection. Not only the live streaming apps make it easy for businesses, but it also provides ease of broadcasting starting from political debates to vlogs to sporting events.

What’s special about our Periscope clone?

Building the perfect live streaming app can be daunting at times, but not with our live streaming clone script. Whatever the reason you’re building the app for, our Periscope clone app comes with some of the basic features that need for your native app.

Here are the features of our Periscope clone app;

  • Easy Sign-up – We’ve integrated one way of signing up that will make it easy for the users
  • View Profile – Upon signing up, the users of our Bigo live clone can customize their profile with their personal information
  • Social media sharing – This feature will help your users reach more viewers. It can indirectly contribute to enhancing the credibility of your live streaming app.
  • In-app storage – With this feature, you can let your app users download the live steams and save it on the app for later-watching purposes. Even though live streaming is meant for real-time watching, this feature helps big time those who missed the live stream
  • Commenting features – Our Periscope clone app is more than just displaying live streams. It lets the users react and comment to a live stream thereby keeping the live streaming session engaging!

What’s the use of AI…?

Numerous live-streaming apps are available in the market; however, the use of AI differs our Periscope clone app from others!

Being an app owner, you can monitor anything violent happening on your platform with the help of AI-enabled technology. Of course, a user decides on which streaming to watch and which to not! However, with the use of AI, you can display personalized content to the users of your app. The most important use of AI is to safeguard the copyright of content creators.

Final thoughts

Whatever the reason you’re looking to build an online live streaming app, either you can be a streamer or looking the app as a business model, our Periscope clone will help accomplish all your objectives!

Have a live streaming app idea? Share it with our development team and witness your idea transforms into a reality!


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