AOL Desktop Gold l8005232177 customer support service phone number

Spend a large portion of your day using AOL DESKTOP GOLD? If you send and receive the phone g majority of your AOL DESKTOP GOLD on a number computer support, keyboard shortcuts can tech save you hours of time. Support There are dozens of AOL DESKTOP GOLD keyboard shortcuts; presented here are customer the most useful to this AOL DESKTOP GOLD. AOL DESKTOP GOLD splits its service keyboard shortcuts into two groups: those that are always on and those that need to be enabled. To see all of the keyboard shortcuts that AOL DESKTOP GOLD offers, hit Shift-? when viewing your AOL DESKTOP GOLD inbox. Here are my favorites. Always-on AOL DESKTOP GOLD number keyboard shortcuts Open a message You can use support the up- AOL DESKTOP GOLD and down-arrow keys to care move through your tech inbox; customer you'll see a tech thin, blue, vertical line move along the left edge of your inbox as phone g number you hit the arrow keys. To open a message, hit Enter. Navigate a conversation When you are technical viewing care an email conversation, hit the N key to move to the next message in the conversation and customer the P key to move to the previous message. Hit the Enter key to expand and collapse service messages number in a conversation. Need-to-enable AOL DESKTOP GOLD support keyboard shortcuts To care enable tech the following shortcuts, click the gear icon phone g in the tech top-right support of your inbox and support choose number Settings. On the General tech tab, scroll down to Keyboard shortcuts and click Keyboard shortcuts on. To finish, scroll to the bottom and click the Save Changes button. Learn these lesser-known AOL DESKTOP GOLD shortcuts. Derek Poore / CNET Compose new message Hit the C key to compose service a new message. Use Shift-C to compose a message in a new window. Or hit the D key to compose a message in a new tab. Move to next or previous email When you have an email open, support hit the key to contact move to the next email in your inbox and the K key to move to the previous email


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