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Since the dawn of technological advancements, there has been a breakneck surge in smartphone utilization. The expectations of customers from Android were just like a ‘heap of sand’ when Android got introduced. Gradually, smartphones became smarter and that ‘heap of sand’ of expectations started piling up. Now Android is standing tall on this ‘heap of sand’ which became a huge mountain with technological advancements. Customers don’t want to settle for less and Android tries its best not to fail the valuable customers. 

In the beginning, people used to utilize smartphones for very limited functionalities; calling being the most optimized feature of smartphones. Slowly, people started using smartphones for using mobile applications on a larger basis and this trend pushed the total number of app downloads in Playstore.

As the demand for mobile applications increased, mobile app development became the royal and exquisite skill of any developer. Mobile app development is surely a tedious task but it comes with its rewards if skills are optimized properly. Different developers have different motivations for developing mobile applications and for Android app development, Google makes sure that developers are at ease with its services.

Today we will be looking into one of these services in this article.

Google Play Billing Library: An Overview

Google play billing is a service that empowers users to sell digital products and services in Android applications. One can utilize Google play billing library to sell the accompanying sorts of advanced substance: 

1. One time products: A one-time product is a content that clients can buy with a single, non-repeating charge to the client's type of instalment. Once time products can be either consumable or non-consumable. 

  • A consumable item is one that a client expends to get in-application content, for example, in-game cash. At the point when a client uses the item, the application dispenses the related substance, and the client can at that point, purchase the item once again.

  • A non-consumable item is an item that is bought just a single time to give a lasting advantage. Examples are premium upgrades and level packs. 

2. Subscription: Subscription is just like a membership that provides access to content in a repetitive manner. Memberships renew consequently until they're cancelled. Instances of memberships are access to online magazines and music streaming platforms. 

The Google Play Console offers a ton of adaptability while making membership items. As models, you can set the charging time frame, offer a free preliminary, offer a starting cost, give effortlessness periods when instalment comes up short, and permit clients to stop their memberships as an option in contrast to cancelling. For more data and a total rundown of membership highlights, see Implement membership explicit highlights.

Google Play Billing Library-Version 3

Over the last decade, Google has tried its best to improve the experience for Android users using features like paying via carrier billing and tools to budget expenses by easily managing the subscriptions. Google announced that after August 2, 2021, all new applications must use billing library version 3 or newer, and by November 1, 2021, all updates to existing apps must use billing library version 3 or newer. But why is Google putting so much emphasis on billing library version 3? Let us see a few of its features

1. Paying With Cash

Google ceaselessly works to guarantee clients worldwide can pay for one-time buys and memberships in such a way that it is agreeable and comfortable. Cash remains the most generally utilized instalment strategy comprehensively with 2.7 trillion exchanges over all products and enterprises in 2018. A year ago Google, reviewed another payment technique where the exchange is finished off-gadget, for example, paying with money at a neighbourhood accommodation store. 

As per World Bank, two billion individuals worldwide don't have a bank account, so these pending transactions can help unlock new purchasers, particularly in developing markets where the money is a famous type of instalment. 

2. Purchase Attribution

Numerous games and applications need to guarantee in-application purchases are according to a particular in-game character, symbol, or profile. The billing library currently permits one to determine this data when propelling the buy stream. After the purchase completes, one can recover the data and accurately trait the buy. This evacuates the need to manufacture a custom arrangement utilizing the censured AIDL designer payload.

3. Availability

Billing library version 3 is accessible today for all game and application engineers in Java and Kotlin flavours. For game developers utilizing Unity, Google likewise propelled a billing library 3-based Unity IAP module. This module permits Unity engineers to meet the billing library adaptation prerequisites and access all play billing features. 

Developers should update any billing that is related to SDKs and libraries to supporting billing library version 3. Google gives developers the option to connect with the SDK or library owner if one isn't accessible. Google is currently working with top suppliers on their billing library version 3 compatibility.

The Upshot

The most notable part of billing library version 3 is that it allows developers to sell their respective subscriptions directly on their app’s detail page. This new library can easily power up the subscription promo code redemption experience, allowing users to redeem free trials before installing the app.

Google has also updated its documentation for different guides, reporting anything suspicious and for implementation issues. With this detailed library introduced by Google, one can surely say that the ecosystem of Android is becoming healthier, allowing developers to create high-quality apps.


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