Avoiding the Common Hosting Issues

Most of the entrepreneurs know about web development and hosting. Those who have information prefer taking hosting from any other company than the developer. Well, they think that the website design experts in Georgia may cost them more money for hosting. While if they get the hosting services themselves it will save them a whole lot of fortune.

That might be true to some extent, but what Devify Solutions have seen so far is that the loss is the only option most of the entrepreneurs have. Loss in a way that entrepreneurs land onto some inexperienced hosting agency that does not have sufficient tools and features available. Further, in that particular case, they have to face a series of issues.

Here we have a couple of hosting issues that have been observed by application maintenance and support experts Ohio:

Slow Loading Speed:

This is among the common and major issues that the website owners face. The website would not load timely, making half of the traffic drive away.

In that particular case, you need to consult with the hosting support team. If they are capable enough they will investigate the matter and bring you the reason. Further, application maintenance and support Experts Ohio tell that it could be a fault in the website as well as a hosting problem.

Poor or No Security:

There are plenty of things involved in securing a hosting channel such as Secure Socket Layers (SSL), which is a staple requirement for every website. If your hosting service is unable to answer your questions on SSL, then you better look for another hosting agency.

Website designs experts in Georgia suggest that ask for the Attestation of Compliance (AOC) from the hosting agency. If they are unable to provide AOC, then you better look for another. Indeed, Google AdWords services Ohio experts will even not prefer working on a website on an unsafe hosting channel.


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Written by Devify Solutions

At Devify Solutions, Quality has always been the first priority, We test your product, make it bug-free and most importantly, we make sure it to be secure before landing into the market.


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