Folding mobiles in 2020: all that has already been presented and those to come

A few folding mobiles are already in our country, but in the coming months, we will have many more within our reach. These are the ones you can already buy, and the ones that will come.

It seemed that they were never going to arrive or that it was going to be something prohibitive for the sector, but in  2019 we saw the first mobile phones with a folding screen, a technology that has come to stay for a long time, in light of the ongoing commitment that the main brands in the world, but where there is still much to improve.

There are already several folding mobiles that we have seen so far, better or worse, with a larger or smaller screen. But there are still several flexible mobiles to present during this 2020, some of them highly anticipated.

Whatever happens in the coming months, it is clear that folding mobiles are going to mark the development of the year in mobile telephony, especially among those brands that cannot afford to be in the caboose.

It is high-end with all the law, and also with a double Super AMOLED screen. That has to be paid and it has an obvious cost that is transferred to the user, although if you want to have the latest of the latest, you won't mind.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Fold has no less than six cameras: three rear, two front, and one on its cover. It is undoubtedly an innovative mobile that opens the way for others to come.


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