What are the benefits of having a Face Recognition Employee software for your organization?

A tiny invisible pathogen has forced even the conglomerates to adapt to the remote working conditions. Since the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, organizations have established connections between the employees and employers through the virtual medium. For companies to get back on track, they need complete attendance on their employees. Timestamping is quite difficult, especially in large companies that have several employees under its belt.

This has led to the rise of a face recognition software, wherein the software detects the facial images of the users, matches it with the pre-existing records, and marks the attendance of them seamlessly. In this blog, let’s look at the advantages of an AI-based face recognition software for your organization.

Enhanced security: It is crucial to prevent employees from proxying their attendance. Mishandling attendance can have a direct impact on the overall productivity of the company. With a face recognition software, employees will have to turn up to work every day.

No physical contact: The post-COVID-19 emphasizes the safety norms of the employees. Avoiding contact with areas of increased exposure is a primary step to achieve self-hygiene. The use of biometric verification can lead to virus transmission. With the face recognition employee software, there is no contact made between employees.

Reduced processing times: Unlike other biometric systems, the software can identify and recognize faces instantly, leading to reduced processing times.

Data storage and recovery: With the aid of this software, as many as five lakh records can be stored and accessed simultaneously. This way, the software acts as a complete database for employee attendance.

Seamless identification: The AI face recognition technology captures the images of employees’ faces from different angles. This way, even during low lighting or other environmental factors, the software can identify employees without any hassle.

Wrapping up,

With so many lucrative benefits, entrepreneurs needn’t have second thoughts about investing in this highly advanced face recognition employee software. The post-COVID-19 world involves leveraging the technology to its fullest to conserve time and prevent disease spread.


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Written by Angelina Jo


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