Virtual Telemedicine Apps – A Great Asset To Society

The Healthcare industry is at the heart of a smooth, functioning society. Health care industries and doctors contribute a lot in keeping the human race intact. Especially at this pandemic, we can not think about our mere existence, if not for doctors.  There is a famous quote that says, ‘God cannot be everywhere, so he sent doctors to Earth.' As real as it sounds, doctors are framed and praised as demigods; it is almost impossible to access them all the time. Especially in the COVID situation, going to hospitals for regular check-ups or treatment for chronic health disease is virtually a strenuous job. Teladoc is an excellent virtual telemedicine app.  Developing a telemedicine app using a Teladoc clone is advisable.

Advantages Of A Teladoc Clone App

Reduces the anxiety of visiting the hospital for a regular check-up at this time of the pandemic.

Reduces the time spent waiting at the doctor's clinic for hours.

Flexibility in work timings for the doctors and also the appointment timing for the patients.

A teladoc clone app development must have all the necessary features and options serving the patient's needs.  

Working Process Of A Teladoc Clone App

The patient can log in using their details like age, sex, illness, etc. A profile with all the stored information for the patient is created.

The patient can search for the doctor depending on the specialist needed and their consultation fee.

The patient can request an appointment with the doctor, and once the doctor accepts the request the meeting is scheduled

The patient can consult the doctor either through video call, phone call, or text. Video call is the most preferred and advisable way of consultation

After the consultation, the patients can pay using online transactions and then schedule appointments for a regular follow-up.


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Written by Angelina Jo


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