Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails From Gmail

How To Fix The Yahoo Mail Error When Not Receiving Emails From Gmail?

Yahoo mail is a very efficient email service provider, but a few times, you might face trouble in receiving emails from Gmail on it. When a person is are to receive an urgent email from Gmail in their Yahoo account, then the occurrence of such an error can worry them a lot. At that time, the Yahoo account holder looks forward to managing the condition as quickly as possible. Moreover, a few simple techniques that are recognized as the quickest solution to fix the Yahoo mail not receiving emails from Gmail problem are discussed below.

Check spam folder

  • A few times, the emails from Gmail might get dropped to your Yahoo mail spam folder
  • Therefore, check the spam folder of your Yahoo account and also correct the email settings for Gmail

Check blocked address

  • A few times, you might have blocked all the Gmail addresses in your Yahoo account by mistake
  • So open the blocked address settings in your Yahoo account and unblock Gmail address

Remove email filters

  • Email filters you have set in your Yahoo account might be transferring all the email from Gmail in folders other than inbox
  • Therefore, check your Yahoo mail filter and remove the one you have set for the Gmail

Remove browser history

  • Your browser on which you are accessing Yahoo mail might have saved the history that is stopping it from receiving email from Gmail
  • Therefore, you have to open your browsing history from the settings
  • Afterwards, clear all browsing history and then check whether Yahoo mail issue is fixed or not

Hence, anytime your confront Yahoo mail not receiving emails from Gmail error you must follow the techniques mentioned above as it is very definite that this will work to handle the situation. Besides, you can also get help from a technical person when the issue has occurred due to the more complex fault that you are unable to handle on your own


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