Which is better, cable or satellite?

Cable TV and satellite TV are pretty different ways of television programming and have distinct pros and cons. Cable TV seems to be a more preferable choice for those who are often moving as compared to satellite TV. But we cannot ignore the fact that just like Spectrum cable packages are popular among the users, so are the DIRECTV plans. This means both the technologies have a massive number of subscribers but it is a known fact that there are a greater number of cable TV providers as compared to the satellite TV providers. It is always recommended to do some basic research before making a decision. It also depends on your location and requirements. The cable and satellite TV have very different modes of transmission and usually different areas of coverage. Let’s now have a look at a thorough comparison between cable TV and satellite TV services so you can decide which one is best for you.

Installation Process

Cable TV and satellite TV both usually require professional assistance when it comes to the installation process. There is a way to make the installation process even easier. For instance, if you are using Spectrum internet and have now decided to subscribe for any of the Spectrum cable TV then you might not require any professional assistance as you can install the TV service by yourself. You might need a cable TV box, a remote that you receive from your cable TV provider.

In the case of satellite TV, a satellite dish is to be mounted on the rooftop at a certain angle. Self-installation might be very tricky so you almost always require a technician to do it for you. Most of the providers charge you an additional installation fee.


Cost is one of the key aspects that determine if we want to opt for cable TV or satellite TV. Be it either of the providers, you will find them offering some impressive packages or bundle offers. Bundles can also help you save a good amount of money. The cable companies usually require users to pay month to month and there often is no need to sign a contract. While on the other hand, satellite companies might want you to sign a contract and the cost depends on the package you choose. At times satellite TV can be a little more expensive than a cable TV subscription but it again varies from provider to provider.

Channel Line Up

Your favorite channels that you love to watch also play an important role in deciding which TV service type or provider you want to choose. The number of channels you want to access also affects the price of your package. Generally speaking, cable TV is considered a better option for viewing local channels and broadcast networks. But we cannot ignore the fact that satellite TV offers better HD quality and improved sound quality.


Cable TV services are usually not available in rural areas because of the lack of infrastructure that is needed for its transmission. While satellite TV is available almost everywhere as long as the dish is mounted at the right angle. So for people living in rural areas, satellite TV might be the only option to access TV entertainment. When it comes to coverage, satellite TV has more availability as compared to cable TV.


In case of bad weather conditions, cable TV works better as compared to satellite TV. If the wiring is underground, it is even more reliable. But satellite TV seems to be more affected in case of bad weather conditions. Sometimes during a heavy storm, the dish might even be damaged or require some repair to function properly.

Final Thoughts

Overall, cable TV seems to be more reliable, cost-effective, and weather-resistant when compared to satellite TV. Though, satellite TV has better network coverage and sound and picture quality. So it all narrows down to your preference and location. The quality of services offered by the provider also affects the experience of the users. It is always recommended to subscribe to high quality and well-reputed providers, be it a cable TV or satellite TV subscription to avoid any fuss in the future. Happy watching!


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  1. You made a good point on how cable tv is a better option than satellite because of its reliability and durability. I like what you said that I can have access to local channels and broadcast networks by using this choice. My sister and I are looking for a service that we can use in different weather conditions. Hopefully, I can find a reliable provider here in town.

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