How technology is disrupting architecture industry

Over the last two decades, the construction industry has been subject to dramatic changes, paving the way for a future in which traditional spatial concepts are longer valid.Augmented Reality,Virtual reality and 3D printing are the Buzz words revolving in the architects community.composites is being used for building materials, crowdfunding and collaborative design have become increasingly popular approaches to architectural projects, there is a focus on the importance of green buildings and energy efficiency, and the usage of crypto currencies in construction projects is evolving.

We actually found the changes quite impressive, technology has accelerated at an incredible pace! Architecture is not an exception. We can discuss some of the technologies here..

1. 3D printing

3D printing allows architects to design and develop everything ranging from buildings, apartments, Villas townships, and cities right down to terrains, landscape and fauna with fine detail and full color.It can reduce the time for concept development and helps better understanding of client requirements.

2. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

  Augmented Reality (AR) devices add content to your field of vision, augmenting and enriching your experience of reality. It can give you real world feeling of your designs before you actually execute the project.            On the other hand,Virtual reality (VR) devices block out the external world and present the user with a wholly fabricated visual experience.Oculus Rift is a device that is famous in VR devices.


  Building information Modelling (BIM) is one of the latest technology widely used in construction reduces considerable cost and labour by helping the designers and architects for realistic calculations of project is basically a 3D modeling software along with intelligent data and processes related to a particular project.Bently is a leader in BIM softwares.

4.Smart Contracts using Block chain.

  In a smart construction contract, blockchain technology could be used to implement the terms of and administer the contract and its costs. It could collate and process information about the progress of the project, and, subject to the agreed terms as translated into code, execute a specified action.


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Written by shamseer puthiyamaliyakkal

i am an enthusiastic blogger and entrepreneur with interest in the field of science,technology,architecture  and travel


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