What to Consider in the Best Magento Hosting Provider?

Magento store is a popular way of selling services & products. To run it successfully, you will require a powerful cloud hosting provider. With a robust hosting service provider, your online selling store can handle traffic spikes. A powerful hosting service can eliminate server downtime. A hosting platform takes care of server management issues and provides magento website design the flexibility to focus on achieving your business goals.

Many hosting service providers claim to be the best but selecting a platform is a challenging job. Not every Magento hosting will cater to your business needs. Hence it is better to give appropriate thought before making any decision to select the hosting service provider. Don’t opt for the brands making claim to provide services for a low price.

Challenges Experienced by Magento Stores Owners

Some common troubles that store owner’s face, if they do not choose the right hosting for their Magento website are:

1. Storage Restrictions

The hosting providers have limited amount of storage space to offer for website hosting. You cannot upload files after that limit. If you want to upload more data, it will cost you extra bucks. This will increase the overall price of your hosting. It is a big challenge for magento development company to provide unlimited space for website. 

2. Slow Performance

As per Google search engine, the website taking more than 3 seconds to load is termed as slow in performance. There are several Magento optimization services to enhance the performance of your Magento E-commerce site.

3. Server Management

Unless the hosting provider guarantees managed hosting services, all the server related work will have to be performed by the store owner itself. This comprises managing the server updates or the applications present on the server. This is a time-consuming job and also distracts you from focusing on the store growth.

4. No Scalability

If your website experiences a sudden traffic spike, the host server may experience troubles to handle it and at such situations, your website may go completely down. If the website server does not offer scalability, your website may run into trouble. Talking to the Magento 2 development company will be helpful in such cases.

Types of Website Hosting Solutions

There are several web hosting solutions available to host your E-commerce website. Let’s discuss the different hosting options that can be considered while hosting your Magento store online.

1. Shared Hosting

This is the most common of all hosting. Your website will be hosted on a server occupied by numerous other websites. A limited amount of bandwidth, disk storage is offered to your hosting account. There is no option present to scale the website resources, if you select shared hosting.

2. Dedicated Hosting

With a dedicated hosting facility for Magento stores, you can easily enjoy complete access to the hosting resources. This clearly means you need to set up the server from the beginning. Although this type of server gives you the flexibility to set up the server as per your requirement, you will end up spending a lot of money and time.

3. VPS

A virtual private server for Magento CMS is similar to the dedicated hosting but the physical server is divided into numerous virtual servers. The server resources are easy to scale but even VPS servers are costly. Server management will still be your task.

4. Cloud

Cloud hosting provides scalability and is cost-effective, reliable as well as fast. Server management will still be on the website admin side. This comprise of updates, hosting stack, installing the OS and maintaining the server security.

Wrapping Up

No matter how the E-commerce industry transforms in the coming years, Magento is here to stay. With the latest Magento 2 version available, this open-source CMS has gained more popularity and is actively helping the merchants to run their online stores without any hassles. If you want to take its advantage, you must hire Magento developers to host your online store on a dedicated hosting service. This offers a user-friendly interface, coupled with the powerful technology stack that includes advanced caches and databases.


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