The Website Testing Checklist You Need Before Launching Your Website

One of the worst mistakes you can make before launching your website is not testing it thoroughly. In fact, any software product for that matter. Often times, due to tight deadlines and excitement of launch we miss out on testing some of the important features and factors.

Nothing is worse than working so hard on an impeccable user interface, overall design and building engaging content only to receive negative feedback after launch. This is when the impression has been made and the damage to your website’s reputation has been done. Only then, you realize where you made a mistake or several mistakes for this matter.

The website launch is a critical milestone that shouldn’t be taken so light-handedly. There should be a checklist including all the critical factors that should be tested before launch. This is why you are here and we have the list you should refer to in order to avoid any mishaps later that are caught by your end-users.

1) Find and Eliminate All Small Errors 

These small mistakes and errors could be anywhere within the content to design errors of small icons and placements that you might have missed. Since we are dealing with websites that should be mobile-responsive and considering yours is too, you need to spot these errors in the mobile version as well.

So make sure you go through all of the content available on your website, including the most important pages like the contact page and ensure all detail is right and properly displayed. If not, ask your designers to fix them.

Make sure your content doesn’t include any typos, is easily readable, and is engaging. Moreover, the images that you have on your site should be compressed and have alt text. Lastly, double-check on your videos and any audio and make sure they are working properly.

2) Ensure Smooth Navigation 

Whether you have an eCommerce website or otherwise, your site’s navigation can make or break your website. It is even more critical with eCommerce sites as their sales depend on an easy navigation process. Considering the competition and saturation of websites within the website marketplace, it is crucial for your site to have top-notch navigation. Otherwise, you are looking at high bounce rates and potential customers leaving for your competitors.

This is why test your navigation process thoroughly. From homepage till the checkout page and other detours in the middle. Everything should be working fine and the navigation should not be confusing. Remember, not all users are tech-savvy and hence, the usability of your website should be catering to all.

When testing navigation of your website, make sure you pay extra attention to the search bar; whether it is working properly or not; whether the search filters are providing the desired results and more.

3)  Test Mobile Responsiveness 

When dealing with a website, one of your number one aims is to rank on Google and on other search engines; primarily Google. For this, you need to understand the various indexing criteria Google has set that can give you the advantage to rank better. One of those advantages is having a mobile responsive website. Google gives preferences to those that have a mobile responsive website also known as ‘mobile-first-indexing’.

Websites cannot afford to not optimize their site for mobile. It is the age of high-tech smartphone technology that allows you to do much of the work that you use to perform on your desktop – including browsing websites. Nearly 70% of the users prefer to browse websites on their phones – this includes the majority of online shopping sites.

Make sure the text is readable on mobile and content should appear the same as the desktop but easily viewable and not shrinked. More importantly, is the navigation working properly and smoothly on mobile as it does on the desktop? Check everything. 

4) Test Loading Speed 

A lot of the times, something as small and unnoticed as a slow loading time costs us a lot of website traffic and loss. Which is why website speed optimization is an entire process that shouldn’t be skipped on at any cost.

Sometime back, Google itself experienced a significant 20% drop in traffic because of a 0.5 seconds delay in page loading time. So you can imagine the level of patience of consumers who wouldn’t wait a few seconds for a page to load and would jump to the next available option.

What more is that Google also counts page loading time as one of the criteria for ranking. So, a faster website and its page loading will ensure better ranking on Google.

One of the easiest solutions to consider is switching your hosting service to a faster one. A lot of the time, a website that has grown significantly in traffic requires a better hosting provider. 

5) Check Website’s Security 

You wouldn’t want your website to be easily hackable. For this, make sure you have the SSL certificate for your website. With an SSL security in place, your data will be protected from any kind of external snooping, intercepting, or theft. Moreover, SSL will also boost your SEO performance as well. Do not launch your website without the necessary security patches in place.

These were out top 5 website testing check-list. However, there is much more that you should focus on apart from the mentioned ones. They are:

  • Have a secure backup of your site and the data.
  • Keep the site clean from spam links.
  • Check browser compatibility.
  • Test the website’s usability.
  • Make sure all URLs are live.
  • Is your web content search engine optimized?

In Conclusion 

Website development is an entire process that a great software development company in Houston will make sure to get right including all the testing requirements; from the beginning on the website till its launch. However, you should be aware of the important factors that are often overlooked or missed causing more damage than expected.

Hopefully, with this checklist, you will be able to conduct a thorough website test and ensure smooth performance and user experience. Remember, once an impression about your website is made, it stays – so make it count!


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Written by Zubair Hassan

Zubair is a digital enthusiast who loves to write on various trends, including Tech, Software Development, AI, and Personal Development. He is a passionate blogger and loves to read and write. He currently works at Mobile app development companies that offer top-notch Mobile app development services to clients across the globe.


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