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Gmail is of paramount importance as far as connecting with the world in today’s time is concerned. Your Gmail account plays a crucial role in life as it connects you through sending and receiving mails. It is the first point of conversation and therefore one must protect their Gmail account by constantly changing passwords.

The password protects the Gmail account and therefore hackers are not able to get access to your important emails and information relating to n-number of things happening around you. When you create a Gmail account you need to create a password for the same. While doing the signup process, you are asked to enter a password so that you are able to limit the access to your Gmail account. The password that you create is a confidential thing and you must not share it with anyone. Now if your account has been hacked or you have access your account from sources that cant is trusted then the next important step that one can take is to change the password right away. You can protect your Gmail account and the valuable information that one can get to by changing your password which in turn will limit the access to the Gmail account. Changing the password will also make sure that you are logged out of the other devices that you have used knowingly or unknowingly.

Moving on, there are certain steps that one might take in order to change the Gmail password and the steps are as follows:

  • If you are using an Android phone or tablet, you can go to the device settings. From there go to applications and then navigate to Google.
  • Once you have found the google option after that you need to select the Manage google account option.
  • After selecting the above option, you can locate the Security option present at the top. Click that and proceed further.
  • Further, you need to go to the signing into Google option.
  • From there you need to click on the password option. After that, you will need to enter a new password. The new password should be excellent and must be secure enough to further secure your Google account.
  • After setting a new password then you need to select the Change password option.

After changing the password you need to verify that it is you on the devices that you use. Use the steps mentioned above in order to change Gmail password and secure your Gmail account from security breaches and any other harmful activity.


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