Catering To Multiples Delivery Services With The Help Of Rappi Clone

The Rappi app is an excellent delivery service app and fetched a noteworthy revenue of $220 million. If you are looking for the development of a similar delivery service app, a Rappi clone can be used. It is practical,highly customizable, scalable, and gives your app a unique interface. With the help of the Rappi clone app, you can manage and cater to many different services. 

Few types of delivery services that the Rappi clone app caters are

1)Food delivery service

The food can be delivered to the users from the restaurant with the help of the delivery executive. It works like any other food delivery app. 

2)Grocery delivery service

Users can order groceries online through the stores nearby. The delivery executives pick up the groceries and deliver them to the users.

3)Medicine delivery service

Users can upload their prescriptions and order for medicines. This will be picked up by the delivery executive and dropped at the user/customer’s place.

4)Alcohol delivery service 

The app allows the users to order alcohol from the verified service providers near to their location. The order is delivered in no time 

5)Marijuana delivery service

Certified marijuana can be ordered and purchased as per the requirements of the customers. The delivery executive will do an excellent job of delivering the products to the customer. 

6)Courier delivery service

The goods and products that the customer wants to courier can also be done through the app. The customer can request for the vehicle based on the size of their courier.

7)Flower delivery service

The users can surprise their loved ones by delivering flowers to their place. The delivery executives can pick up the flowers from the shop you requested and pleasingly give it to your loved ones. 

8)Gas and fuel delivery services

This is an essential service. Gas and fuel can be supplied to users who are stranded. The users can request fuel from the nearby bunk, and the delivery executive will cater to it.

9)Bottled water service

The bottled water is delivered from the service station to the customer’s place. The customer can take up a regular delivery subscription as well. 

10)Stationery delivery service

Stationery products are picked from the stores and are supplied to educational institutions, offices, and individuals.

The above are few delivery services that a Rappi clone can provide. Develop a good functioning app, and you will be able to deliver many exotic services to customers.  


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Written by Kelseyharris

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