Reason why is my Epson Printer not printing correctly and how to troubleshoot?

If your Epson Printer not printing correctly, you are worried about that why is my Epson Printer not printing correctly? This problem could be due to various reasons, to fix this issue follow the Epson printer troubleshooting steps which have given below.

  • Check for the paper you’re using to print. It might not meet the specifications of the printer, which would cause it not to print. Use the paper that meets the Epson printer specifications. Vellum and transparent paper are not supported.
  • Make sure that you’ve removed the yellow tape on the ink cartridges before trying to print anything.
  • Your printer nozzles might be jammed. Print a nozzle check pattern and see if it is working fine, if not unclog the injectors and clean the printhead if required.
  • Your Epson printer might be placed on a surface that is at an angle or uneven surface. The printer needs to rest on a flat surface that extends beyond its base to function correctly.



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