Why using a tool for PSD to HTML Conversion is not a good option?

The digital world we live in demands everything to be everywhere. People use their smartphones most hours of their day and they want every website with a convenient mobile version as well. Therefore if you own a business, well established on the internet, it is essential that you have a responsive website. The next thing that people would want to see is an attractive website, and an interesting way to do that is by converting photoshop files to HTML. PSD to HTML Conversion service is the go to for converting these files. This is a new trend in the website development and you won’t want to stand last in the line. 

Although there are many tools and software that are raising the bar of doing the coding DIY(Do It Yourself). But the question is are they reliable? 

These tools are available in the market will surely save your time and money but on what without grounds? These PSD to HTML converters work on specific strict methods. This might be a bit restrictive to the kind of website you have in mind for your business. Therefore, choosing a professional for doing the job for you. 

If you’re still confused, let us help you make the right decision. Following we have mentioned a few reasons why using tools won’t be best to convert PSD to HTML: 

The Result Might Not Be Pixel-perfect

You won’t want to present a website that might pixelate. Yes! That could happen! These tools lack in creating pixel-perfect slicing. This will not be the case when your PSD to HTML conversion will be done by a professional front-end developer. They will craft a perfect pixel conversion of your PSD file. 

Coding is not up to the HTML standards

You cannot rely on the coding behind a website created by a tool or software to convert a PSD document to HTML. There might be junk code in between these automatically generated codes. Hiring a professional would assure you about the validation of codings like HTML markups and CSS codes. They follow the rules of semantics, resultant in which is clean and validate. 

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Final Thoughts 

Although there are more reasons why you should not choose tools and software over hiring professionals. We suggest that You should look for a profound PSD to HTML service provider for your conversions. They would have knowledge about the latest trends and team of exponential experts working together to create an astonishing website for your company. They will ask you about specific requirements beforehand. This will leave you a website exactly how you had in vision. 


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Written by Emily White


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