Mvp Features To Consider For On-demand Babysitting App

Most of the modern moms are working on a full-time job. They require a reliable nanny to take care of their kids. This is where Uber for babysitters plays a major role, as parents can find trustworthy and capable babysitters through this on-demand app. According to IBIS marketer, 21% of the US population is below the age of 21. So the scope for babysitters app has a bright future. Entrepreneurs can become successful in the sector by incorporating the minimal viable features in it. Here are some of the prominent features to consider:

Features that are part of sitters and parents app

Registration: Parents can register by providing the necessary information or use the social media plugin for quick registration. Sitters have to provide the relevant documents related to work experience, identity proof, etc. Once the admin has approved them, they will receive customer requests.

Rating system: Parents can rate the service provided. Some apps like Bubble allow even sitters to rate the customers.

Video/ Chat facility: Parents can tune in to video calls and view their children whenever they want. Also, through the chat facility, they can stay connected with the concerned babysitter to know the current status of kids.

Push Notifications: Parents are sent push notifications to update whether the sitter has accepted or declined the requests. On the other hand, babysitters receive notifications related to customer requests, upcoming sits, etc.

Geo Positions: Parents can find the sitters in their location using the geo-positioning feature. This is one of the features that is suitable to locate sitters at the last moment.


The global childcare market brought revenue of $33.39 billion in 2018. By 2022, the number is expected to reach $520.4 billion. It is evident that the market is flourishing, so invest in on-demand babysitter apps from Appdupe and witness the profit growth for yourselves.


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