How can I resolve Facebook password not working problem?

Facebook is the most popular social media portal with billions of people worldwide who use Facebook regularly to stay connected virtually with friends. Facebook is locked with a password for accessing it but it is complained by the users about non-working of the Facebook Password.

How to solve the Facebook password not working problem?

For resolving the non-working problem of Facebook password, you can use the following methods.

Turn off the Caps Lock

Caps lock when turned on can deceive the user by entering all the capital letters which will disable that user to log in to the Facebook account.

Thus, you need to turn it off by pressing the Caps lock button on the Keyboard.

Ensure the Internet Connection

You should check and rectify any error in the working of the internet connection while using Facebook on mobile or desktop devices.

For this, you need to check whether the device is properly connected to Wi-Fi or not.

Restart the device

When you have used the device (mobile or desktop) or network device for a long time without a break then due to overheating the device does not work properly.

This overheating error can make any device to behave improperly with the inability to execute all the commands of the user.

Reset the password of the Facebook account

You can also opt for resetting the password of the Facebook account to eliminate the password not working error.

  • You can reset the Facebook password with this method.

  • Launch the website of Facebook.

  • Enter the email Id or phone number and click on Forgotten Password.

  • Get the recovery code on phone or email.

  • Enter that code and create a new password of the account.

  • You can also upgrade the browser you are using to access the Facebook account for resolving password error.

Contact the customer support of Facebook to get more details about solving Facebook not working problem.


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