A Beginner's Guide To Port Forwarding

We know that just an IPv6 or IPv4 address is insufficient to transfer data to a system. In what way can the network tell what to do with the data? The network port number that receives the data packet will determine this. Here, we will look at what port mapping is, plus how it is configurable.

What Does Port Forwarding Mean?

After a packet arrives at an internet-connected computer or device, the port will enable forwarding it to the related area of that device to process it correctly. How will the device determine to which place to forward it? This is enabled with ports. The device that receives the packet will pass it on to indicated ports, which have different purposes.

Every internet-connected device has its own IP address. The data sending device’s network will deliver both an IP address and port address. It would be similar to ‘’. In it, the last two digits refer to the internet-connected device’s port number, whereas every other digit and the dots combined signify that device’s IP address. Similar port addresses are utilized to facilitate printing and scanning information, uploading and downloading, and several other things that a system can do.

Port mapping is needed when accessing a network from beyond the router or network firewall. Internet gaming enthusiasts frequently have to perform the port mapping.

How To Set Up Port Forwarding

Also called port mapping, port forwarding can be configured from your router or network firewall. Because the method involving the use of the router is much simpler, we are going to look at it here. To use it, the port that will receive the forwarded things should have a permanent Internet Protocol (IP) address. It is possible to configure the permanent or static address, with IPv6 or IPv4 option in the Control Panel’s network troubleshooting.

  • Open a web browser on your computer.
  • Type in to the URL bar of that browser, and press the Enter key.
  • You will then see the router login page. Here, enter the username and password required for connecting to the router. In the event you are not aware of the default password and username, then contact the manufacturer of your router and ask them for these credentials.
  • In the login page, search for the ‘Port Forwarding’ option below Advanced Settings. There, enter that port number where you need the forwarded stuff to reach.
  • Save the page and leave it. Then, restart the router so that the changes you made can become applicable.


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