How Ruby on Rails Development Benefits a Digital Project?

As a developer, it is very important for you to understand the role of interconnection of the various aspects of digital design and development. Just like a bridge, each and every pillar supports the span. In case any one of these fail, the entire thing collapses. In a similar manner, a bad design can spoil well-written code and vice versa in the digital world. For the development of a user-friendly product, each part plays a significant role in the desired outcome. Here, we will discuss one of the popular tools of web development, offshore Ruby on Rails development and why it is regarded as an ideal choice for startups.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails or RoR is a cross-platform web development technology written in Ruby under the MIT License. Basically, this is an open-source framework which is based on the Model View Controller (MVC) pattern. RoR is considered to be one of the most preferred frameworks by the web developers today for their digital project. 

RoR, in fact, is not only popular among the small businesses but also draws the big enterprises. It is a well-established programming language having a similar integration with Python and Perl etc. 

Recent data shows that about 3,23,580 websites leverage the potential of Ruby on Rails whereas its competitor Python powers about 1,22,158 websites. The website category which is predominantly using Ruby on Rails technology is Business and Industry (19.5%). It is followed by Arts and Entertainment (7.7%).

Benefits of Ruby on Rails for Digital Projects

Here are some of the reasons why Ruby on Rails is preferred by most of the developers today:

  • Ease of Learning and Comprehensible

  • Good for Rapid Application Development (RAD)

  • Strong Focus on Testing

  • Support of Rich Libraries

  • High Scalability

  • Cost-Effective

  • Code Quality

  • High Flexibility


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Written by Poonam Soni


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