Urbanista London Wireless Earbuds: Review and Features

 If you’re continuously moving around or end up in a crowded place, taking calls seems impossible due to the noise around. There are so many activities in day-to-day lives that require you to communicate with others. If not speaking, you need music to relax, especially when you’re in your working hours.

A lot of people say that listening to music while working makes them better at their jobs. Well, it is not possible to play loud music, no matter you’re adopting modern ways at work. Thus, it is best to have a pair of headphones or earbuds to keep it to yourself without disturbing your colleagues.

Urbanista London Wireless Earbuds come handy with advanced features including Ambient Sound Mode, Noise Cancellation, Touch Controls, etc. keen on purchasing high-quality earbuds and want to know more? Below are the features of the London Wireless Earbuds to help you make the right choice.

Features of Urbanista London Wireless Earbuds

The features of the Urbanista London Wireless Earbuds are:

Comparison With Airpods

London Wireless Earbuds will surprise you with its quality. Due to advanced features introduced by the earbuds, they’re starting to compare with AirPods and AirPods Pro. It has a lot of similarities with the Apple AirPods, which make them a delight for the potential buyers.

London Earbuds have the noise cancellation feature that can be activated with a single tap. As an alternative, if you want to hear the sounds surrounding you, you can switch to Ambient Sound Mode.

In-Ear Detection

London Wireless Earbuds use a sensor-based technology that detects whenever you remove an earbud, or it accidentally pulls out. As soon as the earbud is released, the music stops playing. When you put the earbud back in your ear, the music resumes.

Battery Backup

London Earbuds can be charged up to four times by placing them in the case before charging the case. A single charge of the case enables you to enjoy a total playtime of 25 hours. The best part is charging the earbuds using the Qi wireless charger. Also, if you’ve your earbuds on, you can charge your case at the same time.

Use Earbuds Across Different Devices

If you try connecting your London Earbuds with devices like MacBook Pro, iPhone, etc., you’ll notice that they’re easily connectable. All you need to do is open the top of the case, and select the name of your earbuds in the Bluetooth settings of your device.

In case, any connection issues strike, you can reset the settings with the help of the ‘Reset’ button present inside the case.

In short, London Wireless Earbuds works fine with all Android, Apple, and Windows devices.

Touch Controls 

The touch controls that come with the earbuds are easy to use with a single tap, double-tap, or long-press on each earbud. The activities that you can perform with these touch controls are play/pause the music, take/end the call, increase/decrease the volume, activate Siri/Google Assistant, and enable/disable the noise cancellation and ambient sound mode.


Now comes the best part about which everybody’s so worried while purchasing a device. London Wireless Earbuds are water-resistant with a rating of IP4X, which means they’ll protect your earbuds during heavy workout sessions. Also, there is nothing to worry about if you go for a jog in mesmerizing weather and the rain hits you.

Urbanista Earbuds are an excellent choice for everyday use. You can take calls, listen to music, switch between devices, and do anything you want. According to the reports, they’re comfortable to wear, which is why the buyers highly demand them. These earbuds come with the combination of best features from all other headphones.

SOURCE:- Urbanista London Wireless Earbuds: Review and Features


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