PHP or Java: Which is the Best Choice For Web Development in 2020?

Websites have taken our world by storm as they offer a convenient and quick way of communicating with customers. Your website will serve as a robust means of interacting with your brand. With the increasing popularity of websites, businesses are heavily investing in custom web development. When it comes to creating a website there comes the role of web development technologies. PHP and Java are two of the most prominent web technologies that are being used for server-side coding. But one question that strikes everyone's mind is which one between PHP vs Java is the best choice for web development. Here is a brief comparison of these two technologies.

PHP vs Java: Speed and performance

When it comes to speed and performance, Java is a clear winner as it is more fast and efficient than PHP to write enterprise applications. Developers have to write complex and heavyweight enterprise applications that enable businesses to streamline their operations and processes. Java offers multithreading that enables Java programmers to create robust applications that offer speed and performance. Hence, Java allows creating high-performance enterprise applications.

PHP vs Java: Time and cost

For businesses, one of the crucial requirements is to have their applications launched quickly and cost-efficiently. PHP is the web technology that allows for rapid web development. Development in PHP takes less time and cost that makes it a cost-effective and efficient tool for developing top-of-the-line web solutions. The average rate of a Java developer is higher than the average rate of PHP developers. However, you should know that some of the important business tasks can be better solved by the Java programming language. Hence, the development speed and cost shouldn't be the only reason to not choose this language.

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PHP vs Java: Type and purpose

PHP is an open-source server-side scripting language that is utilized for creating robust web applications and websites. The main objective of this technology is to develop dynamic websites as it allows websites to dynamically change its content. Java also allows the development of dynamic web applications, but it is a compiled and general-purpose language. The code written in Java can run on any machine because of JVM (Java Virtual Machine). On the other hand, PHP is an interpreted language that doesn’t require any compiler to convert code into machine language to run a program. You can simply hire PHP developer and get your web application built easily.

PHP vs Java: Security

It is a crucial point in today’s environment where data security has become a significant concern. Although a  team of experienced and skilled software developers can create secure solutions irrespective of the programming language they use. Using Java as the programming language does provide an edge over many other programming languages in terms of security. Java is considered a very secure language that offers more tools to strengthen the security of your solutions. But it also brings difficulties with low-level programming to protect a computer system. Java doesn’t allow performing some functions hence it is preferred for high-level apps. We can combine other technologies like REST API with PHP coding to build secure web solutions.

Wrapping up

Java and PHP are two of the most popular programming technologies that come with excellent features to develop robust solutions. They both have some differences in how they work for web development that makes them an ideal choice for varied web solutions. Java comes laced with outstanding security features and can use third-party APIs. Hence, Java is a preferred choice for more complex and high-scale projects. PHP offers low cost and fast web development and is beneficial for small scale businesses. If you are looking for custom web development then you can choose PHP to create the desired solution.


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Written by Emily White


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