How to install solar power cctv camera?

The solar power cctv camera system can be installed by following the following steps: 

Make a diagram to determine the desired places to place the surveillance cameras.

Purchase the appropriate monitoring system; Where each piece can be purchased separately, or an integrated system can be purchased, and the system must contain the following components:

solar power cctv camera with one to three cameras.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

Suitable wires, such as Siamese cables, BNC cables, and various electrical wires.

Set up a recording and monitoring device to store and display pictures and video clips on a computer screen or small TV.

solar power cctv camera

Test equipment before installation by making sure cables, digital recorders, and cameras are working.

Choosing an appropriate angle to install the camera on, where the angle is preferred to be high and wide, making sure that the camera is close to a source of electrical current, and if the camera is installed outside, it is recommended to place it at a height of more than 3 meters so that it is not easily destroyed.

Connect the camera to the power source.

The camera is connected to the digital recorder (DVR) with the appropriate cables.

Connect the wireless camera to the computer by installing the software on the disk that came with the camera.

Connect the wireless camera to the computer by installing the software on the disk that came with the camera.

Connect the screen with the digital recorder (DVR) by the appropriate cables, as it is possible to connect multiple cameras with the recorder to record and save what these cameras shoot.

Regular maintenance of the system.

The best types of surveillance cameras

Among the best types of solar power cctv camera that can be purchased are: 

  1. Netatmo Camera. 
  2. Nest Camera. Logi Circle camera. 
  3. Netgear Arlo Q camera. 
  4. Hikvision Ezviz Mini Plus camera. 
  5. Camera (Foscam F19853EP). Sengled Snap. 
  6. Samsung SmartCam SNH-P6410NB.

An alternative to the traditional monitoring system

The traditional monitoring system can be replaced by a cheaper system through two Skype accounts, and a video call is made between them. For this process, the user needs the following components: 

A computer or laptop. Webcam. Fairly fast internet connection. A second group of the previous components is in the other place where the surveillance camera is required to be placed, and it is possible to use a mobile phone that is equipped with a camera and is connected to the Internet, and install the Skype application on it. Video call recording program.

Tools used to install solar power cctv camera

There is a common term in the world of cameras and we usually hear it, which is solar power cctv camera, what is it? Closed Circuit Television, short for Closed Circuit Television. We'll talk about the components of the camera system, and what are the basic components that make up the system? Before we start talking about the components of the system, there are things and tools that must be available in the event we want to install a surveillance camera system. So what is it? The tools we need to do the installation of a camera system are almost the same as the tools that any electrician would use, in addition to some tools for the surveillance cameras, such as the yellow device shown in the picture below and it is called (Tester) which is used to make sure that the camera is working or not. Also, the device is used during installation to ensure that the camera is placed in the appropriate place and is covered for the concerned area. What tools or equipment do we need to install the cameras? How much is the price of it by Westernization?

  1. We need a drill or hilt electrician to create outlets on the wall to attach the camera to and fasten with screws..
  2. We need a cable cutter to cut the cables, and its price is about 20 EGP.
  3. We need Shukerton – a heat-insulating tape for electrical wires, and its price is about 5 EGP per piece.
  4. We need a set of screwdrivers, which are different types, but the average price is 35 pounds.
  5. We need to install Crimping tool cables, and the price is about 15 pounds.
  6. We need (Tester) cameras like the one on the picture and its prices are different according to the camera types, and we will get to know it more later.


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