What Are The Best Career Options After Getting Your Pharmacy Degree

Pharmacy is a field of medicine that has started gaining momentum in India lately. Many dynamic and career-driven students have come forward to join this domain and make it big in the medicine industry. B. Pharma is a professional course offered by the best B pharma college in Bhilwara that prepares the students to face the real-life industry challenges. This course also teaches them the basics of the subject and helps them in pursuing a career in pharmacy. 

Coming to career prospects, B. Pharma course opens avenues for many lucrative job options. Students can either prefer to go for advanced courses or can directly join a job profile and kickstart their careers. Let us have a look at some of the most promising career options for Pharmacy degree holders.

  • Clinical Research Associate – B. Pharma graduates can take up the role of a clinical research associate, medical underwriter, data validation, or CRO associate. This profile is considered to be a great start for a career in pharmacy. Go for the area that entices you and looks promising. 

  • R&D Scientist – Pharmacy graduates are an integral part of the research and development department. If you have sharp analytical skills, decision-making skills, and an eye for detail, this can be the right profile for you. Many reputed pharmaceutical companies look forward to hiring qualified B. Pharma graduates in their R&D section. 

  • Quality Control Associate – It is another promising job profile for the B. Pharma graduates. It requires them to develop, apply, revise, and maintain medicine quality standards of the fully or partially processed materials. You are also responsible to define and implement techniques that can prove beneficial in evaluating, testing, and inspecting various test procedures. 

  • Formulation Development (F&D) Associate – Identifying effective and innovative formulations of active drugs and other chemicals is an important aspect of this profile. Students who have excellent knowledge about the basic properties of constituents and chemicals can excel in this profile. F&D vertical is a crucial part of the medical industry. 

  • Drug Inspector – Drug inspectors are responsible to monitor the safety, utility, and quality of the drugs from the time of its production until it reaches the retail shop. A good drug inspector is the one who is patient and has excellent analytical skills. He should also have excellent knowledge of the various salt and chemical combinations. 

These were some of the top career options for the B. Pharma graduates. If you aim to pursue a BBA course after 12th standard, you should focus on securing a seat in the top BBA colleges in Rajasthan. You can take help from your seniors and mentors for the best college selection. 


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