A comprehensive guide to resolve computer failing to boot to BIOS

A basic input/output system or BIOS is a firmware that performs the hardware acceleration process when the computer is booting. Further, it offers runtime services to the operating systems and other programs. All in all, BIOS is very essential during the booting process, but lately, many users have reported issues while booting up the device because of issues with the BIOS.

Solutions to resolve booting issues to BIOS

Well, multiple reasons can lead to Computer not booting to BIOS like app update failure, corrupted hardware, system failure issues, issues with OS, and more. And in case, if the user has made any changes to the BIOS settings, there are chances that this might have been caused because of the modified settings. So, for the users who are looking for solutions on how to resolve booting issues with their computers, they can check out the solution provided in this article.

1. Set BIOS settings to default

  • One of the basic and quickest solutions to resolve Computer not booting to BIOS is by resetting the settings to default. For this process, the user needs to follow the listed instructions:
  • Begin the process by switching on the PC and press the F2 button until it boots.
  • Now, press the F9 key to set the settings to default.
  • And to save the changes, press the F10 key and exit from the same.

2. Clear CMOS

  • In case if the above solution fails to work then, the user can alternatively, try to clear the CMOS to resolve the booting issue.
  • Begin the process by switching off the PC and all the peripheral devices connected to the PC.
  • After that, disconnect the power socket from the main source.
  • Further, open the PC cover and look for the battery and remove it from the battery holder for at least an hour.
  • Then, place the battery back to the holder and switch on the PC and check if the issue is resolved or not.

Besides, the user can even seek assistance from tech support regarding Computer not booting to BIOs and access uninterrupted services.


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