Top 10 Use-Cases of AI and Machine Learning in Fintech Industries

Nowadays, many companies are inclined to carry out advanced machine learning solutions along with custom AI solutions to stand tall in the competitive market. Analytics is essential to improve the bottom lines so that you can increase the efficiency of your business. With machine learning and AI, it is effortless to get some comprehensive strategies for analytics that will help you to run your business successfully. With a view to that, you must include the machine learning strategies in the data structure. In this article, we will talk about ten major uses of AI and machine learning in the Fintech industry. So keep on reading.

Top 10 Use-Cases of AI and Machine Learning

Here are the main uses of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Fintech industries—

  • Data security

For the digital transformation industry, malware comes like a big problem that is directly related to data security. According to the Kaspersky Lab report in 2017, it is said that every day they observed 360,000 malware files newly. However, Deep Instinct, an intelligent institutional firm, has reported that each of the new malware has a similar code as the earlier versions. The rate of changing files for different iterations is from 2 to 10%. The learning models can detect malware accurately. Also, there are some machine learning development companies that will help to access the information stored in clouds, and thus, they are able to report anomalies to indicate the breaches.

  • Personal security

Besides data security, personal security is also paramount, so it will be better to take help from artificial intelligence services to increase your personal security. For instance, if you are taking a flight, you will have to wait for security screening. Similarly, in a public event, you may have noticed the long lines for security screening. With advanced machine learning techniques, it will be easier to reduce false alarms.

  • Financial trading

Some AI development companies are there to assist you in financial trading. A large number of traders are interested in the share market, and they keep on predicting the ups and downs of the stock market on a particular day. With machine learning strategies, it will be easier to predict closely at any time.

  • Healthcare

AI and machine learning technologies have a big role to play in healthcare and digital transformation. With the algorithms of machine learning techniques, it will be easier to collect and store more data and detect more patterns that are difficult for humans. CAD is used in one study to review the mammography scans of some women who had breast cancer later, and 52% of cases are detected by the computer.

  • Marketing personalization

Without understanding your customer requirements correctly, it will be challenging to meet up with their demands, which may have an impact on your business. Therefore, most of the companies give importance to marketing personalization.

  • Fraud detection

If you look for the best machine learning development servicesyou will not be worried about fraud cases. Using machine learning technologies is a very effective way to identify potential fraud cases in several fields. For example, PayPal is taking the help of machine learning to avoid money laundering cases. 

  • Recommendations

People who have used Netflix or Amazon must know about how this recommendation works. Most of the digital transformation companies in USA tend to use this in which a machine learning algorithm is used to analyze your recent activity. 

  • Online search

Some AI companies are working hard to improve search engine understanding. It means Google and other competitor search engines are relying on machine learning technologies for better search results. 

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP is commonly found in different types of applications. The AL and ML companies support you the best to include machine learning to natural language so that the customers do not have to wait for the response, and they can get all the required information with accuracy.

  • Smart cars

According to the survey of IBM, 74% of the leading auto executives are expecting that there will be a big chance to have smart cars on the road within the next five years. With the help of AI services companies, it will be possible to integrate an intelligent car with the Internet of Things. Moreover, it will help to know about the owners and the environment as well.

At the end

So now that you have come to know the use-cases and importance of machine learning and artificial intelligence, you should find the best machine learning solution provider who will assist you in an appropriate way to increase your business.


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