An Insider’s Guide To On-Demand Alcohol Delivery App Development

The COVID-19 pandemic has made people revisit their stands on availing services. For example, when it comes to the on-demand food delivery sector, a considerable number of people preferred dine-ins even when they had the option of doorstep food deliveries. People who considered on-demand apps as a ‘substitute’, have realized their importance amid the outbreak situation. With such unparalleled convenience that these apps offer, people are demanding more from the on-demand app marketplace.

One such unique idea that has gained a tremendous reception among the audience is the Uber for Alcohol app. With top-tier liquor stores and pubs closed indefinitely, people stranded in their homes cannot access them. By leveraging the online medium, the on-demand app can establish a link between customers and liquor stores seamlessly. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to establish your alcohol delivery app in the current situation, this blog will help you know the market growth, the need to invest, and the features to integrate into the application. Besides, we’ll also take an overview of the COVID-19 safety add-ons.

The market is experiencing unprecedented growth

Ever since the pandemic situation, the alcohol delivery app market has risen to the occasion, experiencing a massive surge in numbers. Let’s discuss some market stats here,

Drizly, the most-popular alcohol delivery app, has witnessed an almost 350% increase in sales since 2019 (Source: General Counsel, Drizly).

Customers spend an average of 30% more on orders placed via Drizly (Source: Craft Brewing Business).

The global alcoholic beverage market is estimated to reach a whopping $1.594 trillion by 2022 (Source: PR Newswire).

Following the lockdown, alcohol eCommerce retail sales spiked by 234% between March and April (Source: Nielsen’s beverage alcohol).

With such supporting stats, entrepreneurs needn’t have second thoughts about investing in this lucrative business opportunity.

A win-win-win situation – Innumerable benefits

Initiating an on-demand alcohol delivery app development provides numerous benefits for each stakeholder. Here, stakeholders include customers, liquor store owners, and the platform owner. Some of the enticing benefits include,

Convenience – A whole new level: With just a few taps on their smartphones, customers can get the desired alcoholic beverage. Similarly, they can pay via numerous payment options like credit/debit cards, digital wallets, etc. With such convenient means to get liquor, customers will continue to rely on on-demand apps even after the pandemic.

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