How to fix Malwarebytes Context Menu Missing instantly

Malwarebytes is one of the top antivirus programs which offers you advanced protection from malware and other internet threats. Malwarebytes is a very light-weight antivirus that has a very low system impact. Malwarebytes antivirus offers you all the tools and services which are necessary for keeping the device safe. Malwarebytes is not like other antivirus programs as you can easily use Malwarebytes with another antivirus. Yes! You can use Malwarebytes and another antivirus without conflict issues. Malwarebytes installation is also very easy and once you have installed Malwarebytes then you can use all the features easily. Indeed Malwarebytes is a reliable antivirus but some people reported that their Malwarebytes context menu is missing instantly. This error mostly appears in Windows 10 when the Windows files get corrupted. But you can face this error due to other reasons also.

Repair Broken Windows Files

If your context menu is missing instantly then you should check for the Windows files. Sometimes Windows files get corrupted and result in this kind of error. Windows files get corrupted due to any runtime error or malware infection. Restore all the broken files immediately and then check whether your error gets fixed or not. Here are the steps for repairing Windows files:

  1. Close your Malwarebytes dashboard

  2. Click on the Start button

  3. Go to the search bar

  4. Type command on the search bar

  5. Hold ctrl and shift key

  6. Press the Enter button

  7. Now you will get a permission prompt on the screen

  8. Read the permission prompt and press the Allow button

  9. Windows command screen (black box with blinking cursor) will appear on your screen

  10. Type SFC/scannow on the command screen

  11. Press the Enter button

System File Checker of Windows will appear on your screen. It will start scanning your Windows files for the error. Once complete, you will see the list of corrupted Windows files. Follow the on-screen commands for completing the file restoration process. After restoring all the corrupted files of Windows; restart your device and check whether your Malwarebytes error gets resolved or not. 

Update your Malwarebytes antivirus

This kind of error can also appear when you are using the outdated version of Malwarebytes on your devices. Malwarebytes antivirus provides regular updates to keep your device secure from new threats. New updates provide the fix patches as well as new features from time to time. Whenever you see a new update of Malwarebytes, install it immediately. If you are getting any kind of error with the Malwarebytes dashboard then check for the updates. Go to the Apps folder and click on Malwarebytes. Now click on the Update button and wait for completing the new update. Once complete, restart your device and check whether your error gets resolved or not.

Check for conflict issues

Malwarebytes are compatible with another antivirus which means you can use two antivirus programs simultaneously. But for this, you have to make certain changes in your Malwarebytes settings. You have to disable your run-time scan and various other features. People use Malwarebytes for removing PUPs from the device. Go to the settings of your Malwarebytes and manage it according to the requirement. Now restart your device and open the Malwarebytes dashboard. Check your error is fixed or not; if not then ask the Malwarebytes team for help.

Remove temporary files from PC

Temporary files are created to hold the data while working on the file. Once you complete your work; these temporary files become useless. You should remove these files from your device regularly as they accumulate your free space. These temporary files can also create conflict with other programs. If you see any error like Malwarebytes will not open Windows 10 then you should remove temporary files and other junk from your device immediately. You can use the run box removing the temporary files. Type %temp% on the run bar and press the Enter button. The temporary files folder will appear on your screen. Choose all files and press the Delete button. Your all temporary files will get removed from the PC. Now restart your computer and open the Malwarebytes dashboard and check for the error. 

You can also use the Windows cleanup tool for removing temporary files and other junk from the device. Follow the given steps for using the Windows cleanup tool:

  1. Close your Malwarebytes dashboard

  2. Go to the search bar and type command

  3. Hold shift and ctrl keys

  4. Press the Enter button

  5. A permission box will appear on your desktop

  6. Click on the Yes button

  7. Now you will see the command screen

  8. Type cleanmgr on the command screen

  9. Press Enter button

The disk cleanup tool will scan and remove all the junk files from your device. Once complete, restart the computer and check whether your Malwarebytes error gets fixed or not. If not then try reinstalling Malwarebytes on your PC.


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