Wall Clocks Pakistan Product at best price

Wall Clocks Pakistan Product

According to the history of development, Wall clocks Pakistan can be divided into two parts:

1, the first generation of the painting canvas GU Gushing

2, the second generation of the traditional hand-carved Wall clock

Happy Life series – based mainly on Black Forest houses

The beauty of the Black Forest – mainly based on the natural scenery of the Black Forest and animals

3, the third generation of the fashionable Wall clocks Pakistan

In addition to the world-renowned Wall Clock, some unique Black Forest clocks have a unique role in the evolution of the watch.

Wall Clocks Pakistan Original identification

Since the invention of the Wall Clock of the Black Forest in 1738 it has been very popular. It is often mimicking the world, but differences in production techniques and materials lead to different qualities.

In 1987, at the birthplace of the Wall Clock, German craftsmen from the Black Forest founded the Vds Association in order to ensure the protection of high-quality authentic Wall clocks Pakistan.

The Wall clock with CD certificate must be guaranteed:

All raw materials come from the German Black Forest.

2, all production is made by hand

Each authentic Black Forest Wall Clock Pakistan has a unique Vds certificate.


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