Rapidly spreading virus – Build a Coronavirus tracker app to support people

As we all know, the COVID-19 virus has no cure as of now. Vaccines are being developed in various countries, but none has been claimed to be successful yet. So, staying safe is the only solution to stay away from the deadly virus. So, a tracker app will be the best solution to help people from contracting the virus. Any entrepreneur can come forward to launch a tracker app with multiple COVID-19 system tracker add-ons in the market to support people in this pandemic season. 

How to build a best-in-class Coronavirus tracker app?

A complete guide to building a Whitelabel and robust tracker app is elaborated below. You can adopt this quick and efficient development process to build your tracker app. 

Thorough analysis:

Prior to initiating the app development process, you need to find a suitable company and discuss your business requirements with them. You have to analyze the market completely to know what people require in a tracker app to stay safe. 

Design of the tracker app:

The user interface of the app should be appealing, and the app must be easy to use. The user-friendly and simple workflow of the app will make more users lean towards your platform. 

Back-end development:

The back-end of the tracker app should be robust enough to handle multiple users and their data. So, make sure you build the back-end with the latest technologies, frameworks, and tools. 

App testing:

The fully developed app should be put through various test procedures, and it should surpass all the tests successfully. Any bugs or glitches should be rectified in this phase. 

App deployment:

After the testing process, the tracker app can be deployed on various platforms for customer use. 

Bottom line:

Launching a tracker app in this season is sure to help many people. Get to know if the firm you choose provides Coronavirus tracker add-on for app and then go ahead with them. 


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Written by Kevin jack

am a professional app developer at appdupe


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