How Troubleshoot Belkin Router Flashing Orange Light

Just like any other router, when the internet connection gets lost and starts bugging, we instantly take a look around at the lights of our wireless router. Each light’s color indicates what’s happening, so it’s always better to know these things. Hence, if you’re getting your Belkin router flashing orange, it means that your router is unable to detect the mode. The possible reasons for this issue are given below:

  • The modem is turned off.
  • Your modem might not be unresponsive.
  • It’s possible that your modem isn’t connected to the router with a cable.

Now, follow the guidelines to fix this WiFi router flashing orange light issue right from the front.

Steps to Troubleshoot Belkin Router Blinking Orange Light

Step 1: The first thing you must do for your Belkin router not working orange light shows up, you must check whether the Ethernet cable is properly connected and that connections should be firmed.

A faulty Ethernet cable could be the case for the Belkin router blinking orange, so if possible, try connecting the modem and the router with another one.

Step 2:  Power cycling the router and the modem can resolve this issue. To do it, follow the steps down here:

  • Unplug both the router and the modem from the power source and leave it for around 30 seconds.
  • Check whether the modem and the router are firmly connected using an Ethernet cable. The Ethernet cable should go from the modem to the WAN port of the router.
  • Plug the modem into the power source first and turn it on. Then, do the exact with the router.

Step 3: Updating the router’s firmware can fix this issue of Belkin router flashing orange light. Before you proceed, it is recommended to backup all the router settings. If your Belkin router has an automatic firmware update, you can use this feature to upgrade your router’s firmware.

This is how you can get away from the Belkin router orange light blinking issue easily. If you’re new to Belkin and want to have a complete installation guide, follow the guidelines given on Belkin router setup and enjoy accessing your device.

What If You Need Someone to Get Connected with an Expert?

If you’re in need of someone to get help with the issue of Belkin router orange light instead of blue, let us know by contacting our executive professional.


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