Provide A Platform For The Users To Carry Out Easy Virtual Communications

Virtual hangouts are the new-age way of communication. With the fast-moving pace of our lives, not often do we get time for in-person communication. Instant messaging apps have paved the way for providing a quicker and easier way of communication. Real-time chat app development is carried out more effectively ever since the pandemic, enabling people to connect virtually.  

What are the features and solutions offered in the instant messaging apps?

1. Unlimited free texts

Users can message each other and send unlimited free texts back and forth. With just a proper internet connection, you can text anyone from anywhere.

2.VOIP services

Voice over internet protocol enables you to voice call other users. It allows a free calling service, unlike a familiar voice calling through mobile, where you need to pay beforehand.

3.Video calls

Video conferencing for business meetings and video calling your loved ones is also possible through these applications.

4. Unlimited media sharing

You can share unlimited pictures and videos with the fellows users of the app. The app helps in unlimited media sharing without affecting the quality of them.

5. Extensive file sharing

You can share files and documents in a matter of seconds. The app is end-to-end encrypted and ensures a safe transfer of files.


The IMB (Instant messaging bots) enable scheduling reminders and tasks in the app. This can be used effectively for business communications and scheduling meetings.

7.Advanced search

You can search for the conversations and pull them up from the archives. This feature allows you to access information from the old chats.

An excellent instant messaging app will have the above chat app solutions. In developing an instant messaging app, make sure that the chats are end to end encrypted, providing a safe platform for the users to connect.


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