Best Tips to Repair Damaged Audio Recordings

Bad audio recordings can have a bad impression on listeners. Whether you are recording a song or any sort of vocals, it’s important to know how to repair the damaged audio recordings. Repairing and editing vocals are two different things. If you have just started your journey in the world of audio production, you may not be familiar with the aspects of repairing vocals.There are many things that you should consider while you are recording your vocals. Let’s have a look at the best tips to repair the damaged audio recordings.

Remove clicks

If you want to enhance your vocal quality and want to get rid of poor vocal quality, you should start using iZotope’s  RX7 advanced audio editor. Vocal quality may sometimes be worse because of the place you are recording at. If your vocals don’t sound great, clicks may be the reason. Clicks are the digital signals that may cause interference with your recording. If you want to eliminate clicks from your vocal recording, you can try out iZotope’s RX7 advanced audio editor. It comes with advanced options to remove clicks. Clicks may be caused by the sound coming from the mouth while singing. In order to remove pops and clicks from your recording, use the de-click plugin on iZotope’s RX7. It is known as the best plugin to repair audio recordings. Apply the tip, it can magically remove clicks from your vocals.

Remove clips

Many of the guys may face clipping. It causes distortion and may make your vocals sound bad. If your vocal recordings have lost their sheen owing to the interference of unwanted signals, you can repair audio by using the de-clip plugin. IZotope’s RX7 offers the de-clip plugin that is considered to be an amazing plugin. If your vocal quality is being affected for some reason, you can try de-clip plugin. Keep it in mind that using the de-clip plugin may create your PC to hang and lag as it is not a lightweight plugin. There are many plugins for this purpose, but IZotope’s RX7 offers the best possible results.

Remove crackle

Crackle is one of the most common problems. The problem is usually faced by those who have their own home studio. The sound of crackle may occur when any acoustic instrument is recorded via the mic. The main solution to the problem is IZotope’s RX7 advanced audio editor. With the help of this RX7 advanced audio editor, you can remove crackles from your vocal recordings in just a few minutes. The plugin comes with two parameters that can be adjusted according to your tastes. If you ever face such a problem, use the Decrackle plugin to eliminate crackles from your vocal recordings.

Remove Noise

Noise can ruin the whole vocal recordings. It is not right to denoise poorly-recorded audio. If you think your vocal recording is not worth repairing, you should re-record it. Nobody can enhance poorly-recorded vocals. If your vocals have ambient noise, you can reduce it to a high extent. There are many software tools, but the best one in the eyes of professionals is IZotope’s RX7. IZotope’s RX7 advanced audio editor comes with the plugin to denoise. You can take advantage of the plugin and repair the vocals by eliminating unwanted noise from your vocal recordings. The most important thing to keep in mind is, whenever you denoise vocals, it shouldn’t affect your main vocals.

If you want to grow in the field and want to learn more about improving vocals, you can apply these professional tips. You can try all the plugins above in order to repair damaged vocal recordings.

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