How to Setup Yahoo Mail in Your Outlook Account?

Any email account you can add up in your Outlook platform, whether its Yahoo mail or any other such mail account. However, some users have been getting stuck over find the right way to setup Yahoo mail in Outlook, for instance.

If you don’t know how you’re going to do it, follow these technical lineups for setting up a Yahoo mail in your Outlook account.

Technical Lineups for Setting up Yahoo Mail in Outlook

Step 1: Select the “File” option from the toolbar on opening the Outlook program. Then, navigate to the Info > Add Account.

Step 2: Enter Yahoo account details following the selection of the Connect button.

Step 3: Input the password of the Yahoo account and select the “Connect” button.

Step 4: With the above step, your Yahoo account’s setup is completed. Select the “Done” button.

Step 5: After you add up Yahoo mail account, mention the incoming and outgoing email servers and their port numbers.

Step 6: Select the checkbox next to – Let me set up my account manually and select the “Connect” button.

Step 7: Select the IMAP from the list of options.

Step 8: Enter the app-password and click the Connect button.

Step 9: If any problems in connecting with your account choose the option – Change Account Settings.

Step 10: Enter the few IMAP details.

Step 11: Put in the password for your Yahoo account followed by selecting the Connect option.

Well, this is! If you need any further assistance, for example, if you can’t sign into Yahoo mail, let us know by contacting our expert team.


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