How to fix Comcast Email not Working on iPhone?

Most iOS users have this problem. Fixing your Comcast email is chaos sometimes, especially when you’re running late. Mostly, the reason for the Comcast email account not working on iPhone are mentioned below;-

The most common drawback is in a correction in the settings in the mail app. To check the configuration open the settings app on your ios device and tap on passwords & accounts, find and tap on the Comcast account.

Here‘s How You Can Fix Your Comcast Account.

  • First, open Settings on your ios device.
  • Now slide down and click on mail, contact, and calendar.
  • Now click on add account.
  • Then click on add mail.
  • Select other, enter your first and last name.
  • Login your Comcast account and enter credentials, after your account, gets verified.
  • Click on next and continue.
  • If your authentication didn’t work.
  • Go back to mail, contacts, and calendar.
  • Go to the incoming mail server.
  • Now type your name and hostname.
  • Click on SMTP.
  • Now use SSL and enter the enter server port number ‘585’.
  • Go back to settings and click on the advanced tab.
  • Don’t forget to use SSL.
  • After you get authentication, type your password.
  • Wait until it synchronizes with your device.
  • When the message pop-ups. You are good to go.

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