How to Fix Hp Printer Errors 49, 79, e2, e3, e4, and e9?

When an HP printer has an error, the cause pops up on the monitor usually. Moreover, in other cases, the reasons are entirely hidden. There are specific sets of HP printer errors, including HP printer error 49, 79, e2, e4, and e9. These error codes make it simple for the users to identify where the problem lies and make it even easier to resolve them. So, need not worry if you’re also facing hp printer error 49, hp printer error 79, e2 error in hp printer, hp printer e3 error, printer hp error e4, or printer hp error e9 as there is a solution for every error.  Some of the standard hp printer error can be solved with some easy steps.

Solutions to Some of the Common HP Printer Errors

HP Printer Error 49: This error occurs when you try to print a document with your hp printer, and a communication failure usually causes it. The communication failure can be between computer and printer or related file errors. Significant causes of hp printer error 49 are:

  • Invalid print commands
  • Registry Errors
  • Damaged Data Transfer
  • Invalid Operations

Steps to Rectify hp printer error 49

  • Calibrate the Printer
  • Clean out the Registry

HP Printer Error 79: Error 79 hp printer indicates that the printer’s firmware is outdated or the print job is corrupted, and as a result, the spooler fails to contact or communicate with the printer.

Users can fix hp printer error 79 by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Turn the printer on and see if the message persists; disconnect USB cables & power cycle.
  • If then the printer is ready, then check the firmware version and update the newer version and that’s how you can resolve hp printer error 79.

HP Printer Error E2: Hp E2 error is a typical malfunction error in HP Printer. The primary cause of hp printer error e2 is the lack of proper communication between printer and computer. Moreover, if the printer’s paper length does not match precisely with the paper length of the paper you are trying to use, then this error occurs.

HP Printer Error E4: E4 error hp printer occurs because of paper jam issues, and once you face this issue, it means that your printer is not feeding any pages to print. The causes of HP Printer Error e4 includes.

  • A paper might be stuck in the output tray
  • Miscommunication between computer and printer
  • Jammed paper inside the input cabinet and hence printer hp error e4 is occurring
  • Carriage is unable to move freely

Below are some of the quick steps you can follow to resolve printer hp error e4:

  • Lookout for Jammed Paper
  • Ensure that the carriage moves freely
  • Clean the Paper Rolls
  • Clean the Ink Smears

HP Printer Error E9: Hp Printer E9 error is a printer script error. This hp printer error usually occurs when the device identifies the requirement of maintenance of the ink.

The major causes of hp printer error E9 are mentioned below:

  • In case a foreign material got stuck in the printer
  • In case your machine is malfunctioning, and there are hardware issues

Steps to fix printer hp error e9

  • Use the original HP ink cartridges in the printer
  • Reset the printer
  • Check ink levels in cartridges
  • Clean all the vents
  • Clean the print-head either by using an automated tool or manually

In case the solutions mentioned above for hp printer error code are not helping you out, you can anytime contact HP technical assistant for professional help. The professionals will help you resolve hp printer error 49, 79, E2, E4, and E9.


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