Easy Steps for the Netgear Router Reset

The question that arises here is why the reset to the Netgear router required? Does reset have to be done? So, the answer is here, a reset is done by the user to make a fresh start of the system, due to some of the technical glitches it might stop working, or the wifi card which has been inserted inside the router can not be read by the device, the weak internet connection is one of the major factors that lead to malfunction and require reset Netgear router immediately.

What are the problems that can come with the NetGear router?

Here are a few of the issues which could stop the smooth functioning of the router and the user has to take it seriously. So, what are they? Read the below-mentioned points.

  • The positioning matters a lot, it should always be located in an area where it can get strong signals.
  • The internet is the major source, in the well running of the device,
  • The turn-on button has to be checked for the router in order to Netgear router reset.
  • Power cord insertion needs to be checked.
  • The wifi card is not read by the NetGear router.
  • The power supply is not enough.

What are the steps to reset the NetGear router?

The user has always the question in their mind how to reset Netgear router? No need to worry about this, these steps will guide you in very simple ways.

  • Search for the reset button.
  • It is located backside of the router.`
  • Mostly labeled with the “reset button”.
  • Now, you have to press this button.
  • But here you need to know that the button is very small, and it will be difficult to put your hands over there in a very small area.
  • So, for this, one can take the help of a paper clip or small pin to press it.
  • With the help of a paper clip press, the button gently inside and hold it at least for the 7 to 8 seconds.
  • Now release the paper clip slowly, without harming the reset button.
  • This will stop the flickering of the LED.
  • Now, the light will turn solid green without blinking.

The process to factory reset NetGear router is completed.


It is very important to keep in mind with the factory reset all the information can be lost, such as the configurations related to the username and the password. It may also include the security setting as well as the network name (SSID). The other thing is that while performing the process the router needs to be continuously turned on.


This article has covered up all the topics related to how to factory reset Netgear router? which was roasting the user’s mind if in case you find it insufficient and lack of anything, then we are here to help you.

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