How to Maintain a Balance Between Technology and Life

Technology has become a huge part of our lives and has taken over almost everything we do. From setting a morning alarm, going to your office using a conveyance, conducting meetings online, ordering food, we’re surrounded by tech all over.

All advancements are created with a reason. Nonetheless, some can turn into a substitute for a lot of moments in life that don’t even require tech, creating an imbalance in life for all other activities. When you live in a metropolitan region, and your work rotates around tech, looking at screens all day long, and using clicks to get your work done can become immense.

As per the study, there are 3.5 billion smartphone users, almost the same figure as the PC users. However, there are 4.5 billion Internet users around the world. This piece of information states the fact that all the young and adult generations are inclined towards using online means. It includes online streaming, online shopping, scrolling through social media apps, and a lot more. Being able to use technology more than it’s required often leads to losing focus. Not only this but keeping yourself glued to your smartphone screens can become an addiction.

For instance, whenever you activate your phone screen to view time, it leads to unlocking your phone, looking at all the notifications received, hopping from one social media account to another, and much more. The point is you’ve been so indulged that every incoming notification intrigues you and leads to curiosity until or unless you view the same.

The above-mentioned facts don’t come down to the conclusion that technology doesn’t benefit you. Tech has a massive role to play and here are a few examples of how technology has benefited our lives:

  • The invention of anesthesia in 1850 has saved about 50 million lives.
  • The invention of Robotic surgery in 2000 saves about a million lives each year.
  • The invention of insulin in 1922 has saved 15 million lives since then.
  • The invention of brain mapping to treat mental illness saves about 4 million people every year.

Technology isn’t confined to surgeries and medical emergencies. However, it is a lot more than that. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a balance between the tech you use daily and other activities.

Key-Steps You Must Know for Tech-Life Balance

Finding that parity may appear to be unthinkably troublesome. Sometimes, it seems impossible to leave your tech habits; however; you can substitute them with new ones. Here are a couple of steps you can take to begin the way toward making a sound tech-life routine.

  • Cut Down Double-Screening

There are a lot of times when you’re watching a TV and using your smartphone simultaneously. It has been said that multitasking can lead to stress, which leads to improper productivity. Sure, it saves a lot of time when you can’t miss an important show and also have to send an important email to your boss, but it is considered as multi-tasking.

Let’s talk about another example- Think of the times when you’re attending a virtual office meeting along with working on something using your tablet. We agree that it isn’t your turn to present your output to other colleagues; however, it can again lead to less attention and productiveness. On one side, you won’t be able to pay attention to whatever other colleagues are discussing. On the other hand, you won’t be able to complete your task because of your partial attention to the meeting.

  • Build Tech-Free Rules

It is just another instruction most of your family members or your doctor gives you that you must avoid using gadgets while in bed or eating. It is because of the studies of melatonin, which is an essential hormone related to circadian rhythms and sleep.

Create some rules for yourself and imply them strictly to maintain the tech-life balance.

  • Give Some Time to Meditation

Most of us check our phone before going to bed, and not just check all the notifications, but binge-watch shows, talk over calls, etc. You think that all these activities help you relax after a chaotic day at work or other stress, but in actual means, it is a source of more stress.

Meditation can play a great role in clearing your mind and getting off all the stress and thoughts that are messing with you. You can further look for applications that help you meditate.

  • Automate Your Activities

Minimizing the use of tech is not the only helpful option; however, it’s about using it to the fullest. You can look for applications that involve features that can automate your activities without you indulging.

  • Be Picky with Notifications

As mentioned above, whenever your phone pings, it leads to anxiety until or unless you check the same. The need to check the notifications isn’t necessary until or unless you’re expecting something important. Therefore, you can turn off the unnecessary notifications to ignore the same and be at peace.

  • Plan a Vacation 

If you have a lot of work on your shoulders, there is no better way than taking a vacation to cut off all the stress. You must relax at least once in a while which will help you in giving your best efforts when you get connected to work once again.

Tech is astounding. You can quickly get through the everyday job, makes it easier to work or study from any aspect of the world, and in some cases even helps save a heap of time. On the other hand, depending entirely on tech can get distressing and overpowering.

In case you feel like tech is devouring your life and you have to reinstall balance, you can begin by maintaining a strategic distance from the same. Our time in life is valuable, and thinking about certain misuses of innovation in our present, we don’t have to have our lives overwhelmed and invaded by tech. Keeping a balance is everything. It is essential for a healthy life.

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Written by Alice John

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