How to reset Account Live password in Microsoft?

Account Live is a one-stop destination to manage and control everything related to Microsoft. By creating an account at, you can easily check your browser history, renew or cancel the subscription, find or track your lost or stolen device, and do a lot of things from one place. Like any other account, you need an email address/phone number and a password to access your Microsoft account.

If you forget this password, then you have to perform the account live com password reset process. The steps to this process depend on the factor whether the two-step authentication feature is enabled or disabled.

If it is on, then you have to go to the, and if it off, then it is the page where you can reset the password. Here are the steps for both:

If the two-step authentication is on

Go to the, enter your registered email address or phone number to initiate the password reset process and Microsoft will send you a password reset code through an email or SMS. Log in to your email or check your phone for the code. Get the code and then use it to reset your Account Live password.

Make sure the new password is a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters; doing this will make it difficult for the cybercriminals to hack your account.

If the two-step authentication is off

In this case, open any web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) and type in the URL. Now, enter your registered email address and then provide an alternate email.

If you don’t have any other email address to be entered in the alternate email section, then click Create a new one with Enter it in the “Alternate email address” field. Now, enter the captcha correctly and then click Next. Set a new password for your account and access your account like before.

For further information on this, contact the Account Live or microsoft password reset support professionals.


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