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An ESA is an animal companion that provides support, comfort, and companionship to the mentally and physically disabled person through their presence. Different types of animals can serve as ESAs but dogs, cats, and horses are proved to the best among them.

Though these animal pets are not specially trained to perform their owner’s tasks there are some important attributes that need to be present in them. They are as follows:

Basic Practices

Emotional support animals should be well behaved with their owners in a certain environment. They need to be polite, compassionate, obedient and calm. They must have a socializing nature and should not harm anyone.

Feel Comfortable when touched

An ESA must be comfortable with petting on the head, back or foot. Some people may have issues with muscle control and can be sloppy or accidentally cruel when petting animals. An emotional support animal will be disqualified if it shows any signs of aggression. Therefore, they must express a loving attitude with the patients.

Therefore, an individual can get the services of these ESAs only if he is mentally or emotionally disabled. For that, it needs to consult a mental expert to get an emotional support letter. If the consultant feels the need to employ a dog as an ESA with the patient, an individual will get an emotional support dog letterOnly then it will be able to get a valuable companionship of an assistance animal.

Who can apply for an Emotional Support Animal?

An ESA is a companion that gives some sort of benefit to a person who is experiencing a mental and emotional disability. The pet is intended to provide company and encouragement that will help to alleviate at least one aspect of the disability. Dogs are the most commonly used animals for emotional support, but cats are also quite popular. Many other types of animals may also function as ESAs, such as miniature horses.

A psychiatrist, therapist, nurse or any licensed or qualified mental health provider must certify you as being mentally challenged. The certificate should be a written and formal ESA document that is adequately formatted.

Some doctors may also provide you with an ESA Letter for Housing that allows you to live with an animal of emotional support even in restrained housing for pets. Other laws also enable you to fly on commercial airlines with your ESA without paying any extra charges. Similarly, individuals can also take their ESAs at workplaces and educational institutions.


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Difference between a Service Animal and an Emotional Support Animal
A service animal is qualified to conduct a function or duty that a person with a physical, emotional or cognitive disability is unable to do on his own. Such animals are capable of providing social support and comfort but are specifically trained to provide benefits.
On the other side, an animal with emotional support is a companion pet that provides a mentally and emotionally disabled person with therapeutic benefits. Such support animals need not be certified in their job role, but to receive this emotional support animal certificate, they need medical health documentation.
The person seeking certification must be identified with a disorder by a psychologist or a health specialist to get an ESA letter explaining how it would benefit from improving its health conditions.
Unlike emotional support animals, service animals are offered additional legal protection through the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) because of their training to perform owner’s tasks. Furthermore, service animals are also accepted in almost any public space, although ESA does not enjoy the same extensive access.
Apart from that, the ESA’s legal protection is restricted to accommodation and air travel. Nevertheless, there may be companies that will require you to carry in your emotional support animal after receiving an animal’s health document. So, you need to consult with them beforehand.
Along with the difference in their functions and services, the certifications for both also differ. An animal service care agency can pick a medically qualified animal pet to assist with the condition of a patient. Also, any pet can be considered as an animal of emotional support however, a service animal can only be a specially trained pet.
If your support animal has nothing to differentiate it from any other pets, people may not understand that it provides you with emotional comfort. Similarly, you can also make your service animal wear a colored vest to recognize it but this is not a compulsory requirement to follow.
Such differences between both the service animal and an ESA help a mentally disabled person to receive the correct certification and services in accordance with his needs.


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