Winning Is A Decision

With this ability to choose comes tremendousTheLight Code Reviewresponsibilities, for each decision we make has its equal system of rewards or consequences, depending upon which side of the deciding divide we are on. We can choose to live by the principles of God, life-transforming principles which literally produce after their kind and brings forth fruits of peace, prosperity, joy, tranquility and inward satisfaction, or we can decide to go against the principles of God and experience misery, regret, frustration, bitterness and poverty. The power to determine one’s own fate is really in our hands. We are in control. Now God is in charge, but we are in control of our own individual lives. He has given us the power of choice.


The greatest advantage that God has given us to enable us to master the issues of life is His Word, the Bible, which reveals the laws of success. It is a fact that anyone who lives by these life-transforming principles live victorious, conquering, beneficial lives, which includes abundance of everything that is good. This is because God does not mind us having good things, as long as the good things do not have us.

Our wills are what give us the ability to change when we desire to and decide to. Change is simply a matter of who and what we yield our wills to. When we speak of the yielding of the will, we are implicating that our decisions are made based upon various forces and knowledge which exist in this world. Choices should be made based upon the Knowledge of God and the principles which are wholesome and right.



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Written by Aaliawilliam



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