Throughout history, a woman’s love for jewellery has been eternal. Jewellery has always been used to pull out an outfit or complete a look. Ask a woman about the piece of jewellery they are wearing, and you will get to hear a story.Gemstones hold a special place in the jewellery world as they serve as cherry on cake.Worldwide Diamonds are considered the woman’s most favorite gemstone. Apart from diamond there are other stones as well which are sought after. Sapphire is one such stone. A large array of ornaments you can find like sapphire stud earrings, sapphire rings, necklaces and all the other things.

Sapphire is one of the earliest stones known to man. In its finest quality sapphire is found in deep blue color. For centuries, the sapphire has been associated with royalty and romance. Back in 1981, Britain’s Prince Charles gave a blue sapphire engagement ring to Lady Diana Spencer.


Astrologers have different perception regarding the stone. Some say it as a cold gem and other say blue sapphire will remove evil effect of Saturn. If someone has Saturn effect, then wearing sapphire stud earrings or ring will help them. Star sapphires were believed to be powerful for bringing good fortunes, and as protection against witchcraft. Star sapphires were also valued in ancient times as a love charm.


Traditionally, Sapphire symbolizes nobility, truth, sincerity and faithfulness. It is considered the symbol of wisdom and purity. It also symbolizes the qualities required in a healthy relationship, like loyalty, faithfulness, truth, sincerity, constancy and reliability. Therefore, it signifies long-term relationships, while representing attributes like – sincerity and faithfulness. 


Most of us know the color of Sapphire as blue. Blue sapphires are colored with a combination of the trace element iron and titanium. Similarly, there are different color sapphires also present, which are made by combining of different trace elements. Other than Blue, Yellow sapphire, Pink sapphire, and Padparadscha (medium toned pink-orange) sapphire color is available. Lime green, magenta, orange, brown, violet, cognac and all colors in between is considered as unique and rare color sapphire.Sapphire stud earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets all are available in different range of colors.


People carry the beautiful sapphire as a fashion statement. One can add an eye catching and dazzling effect to a sophisticated fashion assembled by accessorizing with a stunning pair of sapphire stud earrings. The crystal- clear, blue colored sapphire will sparkle and shine and serves as an ideal accent piece for any semi formal or formal outfit. Be a sixteen year old girl or a woman, or 80yr old lady, it will give an immense sparkle to everybody face.  Sapphire is something, which every lady desires to wear.


Gifts are something which people love in every age, especially the women. As you know Sapphire is a symbol of love, and signifies everlasting relationships, people usually show their love by gifting beautiful Sapphires.  Whether it’s her birthday or anniversary, you can surprise her by giving beautiful sapphire stud earrings or rings, necklace, bracelets anything.

Create a look that is both shows stopping and sophisticated by accessorizing with a pair of sapphire stud earrings. The shine of the blue color spark of white gold creates a piece of jewellery that is simple yet trendy. Bring a splash of color to any occasion by selecting a pair of sapphire stud earring as the focal point


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